InstaNatural ‘Skin Clearing Spot Treatment’ Review

A few weeks ago Amy decided she wanted to try out the InstaNatural ‘Skin Clearing Spot Treatment’ to see how it would help her skin condition. Here’s what she thought:

My first impression of this was the bottle. It was a pretty blue one with a pink label and it looked kind of medicinal. Of course, as a spot treatment that is a plus. People are buying it for the effectiveness. No one would trust it if it looked like a perfume bottle. At £17 something for 30ml you expect it to take itself seriously. 

I don’t understand the science of chemicals, but what it told me on the front was that it contains: 2.5% salicylic acid, 10% MSM. What I do understand is that it is cruelty free! I’m a meanie and I don’t usually check, but I’d love to be the type of person who did. This bottle bought me one step closer to that. 

Upon opening it, I was sent straight back to the nostalgic years of head-lice and the evenings of having your head doused in chemicals to kill them. It made me trust its capabilities to get the job done, but also made me question whether it was good for me.  

I have oily skin, always with a spot or two, or the red patches threatening to break out in them at any time. My worst parts are my chin and sometimes cheeks depending on my mood that week. 

Though the instructions were detailed for the most part they lacked a very important thing: they didn’t tell you WHEN to use your new and important spot treatment. Every morning? Every night? Whenever you see a spot already there? 

Sure, you shouldn’t have to guide buyers by the hand but it does stop first timers from having the confidence when using your product. I mean, when /do/ you use it? 

Personally, I used it on any spot I already had and any potential spots, just before heading to bed. I used it at this time because no one would see my face or the crusty whitish residue it left on my spots. At first I worried I had used it wrong, but I realised soon that it was likely that residue that was drying out my spots and reducing them. 

For the first week I saw no difference. My skin was still breaking out and I didn’t notice changes in spot size. Perhaps there was one or two more spots appearing. However, I continued using it because it takes a while for skin to settle into a routine. 

By the third week I have never felt more confident in my skin! Spots have become far smaller and are no longer a real issue. Though still there, if I catch them early with this bottle I can stop them before they strike. 

Sadly I have scars from years of mistreating my skin soooo I still have to wear some makeup to cover those. But ultimately this has made my skin feel so much better. 8/10

(Please note: I used this in conjunction with my everyday skincare routine) 

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