Top Twenty-Five Celebrity Crushes

A bit of a fun one today, nothing too heavy! I thought I would share twenty five of my celebrity crushes (both men and women). Please do let me know if you share any of them and any that I should be eyeing up!

Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Tom Hardy

Michael Fassbender

Margot Robbie

Norman Reedus

Emilia Clarke

Chris Pratt

Gillian Anderson

Sarah Paulson

Harry Judd, Dougie Poynter, Tom Fletcher and Danny Jones aka McFly

Paul Newman

Lauren Cohan

Lana Del Rey

Charlie Simpson

Gal Gadot

Jon Hamm

Grace Kelly

Brian Quinn aka Q

Marion Cotillard

James Dean

Andrew Lincoln

Christina Hendricks

Aren’t they all beautiful? There is plenty more I assure you but those are my absolute favourites. Any that you agree with? Who am I missing? Leave a comment below!

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