Cannes City Guide

Cannes City Guide

As promised, a mini guide to Cannes. What you must bear in mind it that is going to be a lot shorter due to my duration here being 10 days as opposed to the 4 weeks I had in NYC. Still, we had a lovely time here and would definitely recommend anyone coming here for a relaxing getaway.



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How can I not be happy with an apartment that is branded with the King of silent comedy that is Charlie Chaplin on the bathroom door?! As you can see Brigitte’s apartment is teeny but by goodness she made use of the space.

With white goods outside such as a fridge freezer and washer/dryer out of the balcony, a sofa bed, foldaway table and a perfectly tiny bathroom you can tell Brigitte planned the design perfectly.  The kitchen has the main essentials (although the glasses were a little tiny for mine and Paul’s thirsty mouths) such as crockery, a hob, kettle, toaster, coffee machine and microwave oven so it’s perfect for a short stay here.

The studio is bright and surprisingly spacious and the balcony is a bonus for outdoor space. Perfect for a coffee whilst catching up with emails in the morning.  Not only that but it is incredibly close to the centre, is right next to a supermarket and just a short walk away from the beach.

Great value for money for such an expensive part of France.

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We came across this restaurant the afternoon we arrived in Cannes. A little hungry we thought we would browse the town and see what was on offer. Being by the sea there is a huge selection of sea food restaurants which I’m afraid to say isn’t my thing. We did however end up at Le Saint Antoine.

Very modest in design with most of the customers eating outside (because they all were smoking) we sat in a corner by a rather odd portrayal of Audrey Hepburn in a promo photo for Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

There is a good selection on the menu, mainly Italian but all well and good by me. The food itself was very nice, Paul in particular liked the Tarte Tatin which we were assured was made that morning so was “very fresh”.

Overall the meal wasn’t over priced and was perfect for a simple dinner. Two courses each plus two soft drinks and a coffee was about €50 which isn’t bad when you look at some of the other locations along the beach of Cannes.

Click here for location.



Situated next to the infamous Carlton Hotel with a beach view Le Voilier is an open roofed restaurant (during nicer weather) serving a great selection of food. As you can see I played it safe with my delicious burger and fries.

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Homemade and mouthwateringly scrummy I had it on two separate occasions. I will confess the reason for me choosing the burger the first time was purely due to my lack of French skills and we were not given an English translated menu. The second time was because it was so darn good.

Paul opted for the prawn skewers topped with thai spices and vegetables which he was incredibly happy with . Alas, with Paul no meal is complete without dessert. I stepped back on this occasion leaving my sweet toothed hubby with his profiteroles. Unfortunately (not for Paul) the waiter assumed we would be sharing as when other guests ordered it they definitely didn’t get this huge portion!

See location here.



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As you walk passed (I had to check whether it was ‘passed’ or ‘past’ and Google was no help so sorry if that is grammatically incorrect) the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès (where they hold THE film festival), across the street you will see a selection of designer stores, armed with gorgeous window displays. But if you’re like me and have a very modest bank account then perhaps Rue d’Antibes is the best bet!

With stores such as Mango and Zara you will find a much more moderate price range as opposed to the Dior’s and Chanel’s of Boulevard de le Croissette.


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15 minutes away from the Cannes coast is an island that overlooks a turquoise ocean. Check out the Fort, the museum, the Méditerranoscope and historically classified buildings of the Sainte-Marguerite Fort or just have some lunch whilst watching the boats pass by.

More information here.


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Just because you’re on holiday in Cannes doesn’t mean you have to stay there the whole time.

Lucky enough for those along the French Riviera places such as Nice and Monaco are a nice drive away. Hire a car and take in some  other wonderful sites like Eze which is a medieval hill top village with cobbled streets and beautiful landscapes.

See location here.


Being so close to the beach, it would be a crime to not bathe in the sun!  If you’re staying at a hotel along the beach, you may have your own private area where you can relax on a sun lounger.

Have you been to Cannes? Anything to recommend?

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