Why We Need to Bring Back Personal Blogging

Why We Need to Bring Back Personal Blogging

It breaks my heart that so many bloggers now are taking a step back from what once was a hobby of self-expression to share opinions and experiences. But I get why. Blogging is losing its personal touch. It feels as if people are always saying how much they love raw and personal posts but still, the glossy and luxury bloggers are just getting bigger. But the smaller bloggers? Well, we are falling behind.



It’s not that I am envious of larger bloggers and their success. Because I love seeing bloggers get recognition, earn money and gain a career from doing what they love. However, let’s not deny that it puts a lot of us smaller bloggers off. We feel like we will never reach that point. We got into the game with the ambition of writing, but now? Well, it’s as if no one cares unless it contains fifty photos using a high-end camera, taken by a professional photographer with a tiny amount of text.

Jealousy is not the word I would use to describe the feeling I get when I see influencers be sent designer bags or sent on luxury trips. I just feel that no one is ever going to pay attention to blogs like mine when they could be admiring travel posts about Dubai.



I would never give up blogging. At the moment anyway. I think even if I had three views a day I would be happy to write about whatever I felt was worth sharing. Even if it was just a thoughts post like this. And I have definitely distanced myself from that type of blog post. I go through these motions were I want to come across as a “professional blogger”. Sounds pretty stupid right? I am far from that.

I just want to write. Share like I used to! And a lot of us are feeling that. I know that because so many are quitting or at least falling out of love with blogging because they can’t do it anymore. They cannot take this pressure we bring on ourselves.



Stats. Domain Authority. Social media following. Unique visitors. Follow links. So many rights and wrongs in how you should write, who you should collaborate with and how you should do it…

It’s just become complicated. Whereas many of us want to just be recognised for the hard work we put into writing and taking nice photos. And when it comes to collaborations it’s the same thing. We want to be paid based on the effort, not the numbers.

Blogging shouldn’t have so many rules. The only one I say “yes” to is stating when you are collaborating. Everything else should be free-flowing, natural and honest.



If blogging is going to keep being this wonderful industry that so many larger bloggers feel that is the backbone of many brands success, we need to remove the pressure. There should be a huge injection of opinions, personality and love (as well as the all the glossy reviews and blog tips).

Let’s stop worrying about the brand image of our blog and just create. Let us support the bloggers which do share their daily thoughts. Have a read. You may be surprised and find more posts that could help you or inspire you.


Ashleigh recently mentioned that she has been receiving messages asking how she gets so many “freebies” and how she makes money from blogging. Other than it being bloody rude, it’s also completely and utterly wrong for people to not go out and discover opportunities for themselves.

Is this what blogging has become? Asking other bloggers who have worked on building up an audience how they got free items? It surprises me that people go to this effort to create a website for a couple of beauty products and perhaps some clothes. How is that giving back to an audience if that is all you’re after?

What is free anyway? Surely getting something for free means not having to do anything in return. Nope, that’s not how it works. Asking for guidance on how you can grow your blog and get collaborations is a different matter entirely. You have to work for this shit but it definitely shouldn’t be the reason why you blog. And that is what we are losing in the blogging community.



Personality is what makes a blog relatable. Relatable means likeable. Likeable means a happy audience. Personal blogging is what makes it a natural industry which should be what draws brands and PRs to a blog for honest and genuine opinions.

What are your thoughts on this?

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  • Reply Kiersten April 3, 2017 at 1:16 pm

    I totally agree with you! I do enjoy reading some of the big blogs but sometimes they are too perfect. There are too many rules and routines to blogging. Personal posts are the best and it really helps the reader to get to know you. I just stumbled across your blog by the way, I love it!
    Kiersten @ Autumn Country Girl

  • Reply Walt Page April 22, 2017 at 9:49 pm

    I found you thoughts refreshing. As a new blogger I’ve made the mistake of looking for help in the wrong areas. As a result these bloggers have been deluging me with emails pushing their very expensive online courses, ebooks, webinars etc. It has really turned me off. I write for myself and my posts are personal posts. I’ll see a saying or quote on Pinterest and use it as a prompt to write my thoughts on it. I have a work in progress website, a new blog on WordPress and I post on Medium. Thank you for your thoughts and advice 🙂

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