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Not the most original title for a post about Brighton but I thought I would share a bit of what Paul, Melanie, Carla and I got up to when we were in Brighton. I’ll also talk about some of my favourite things to do there. Enjoy!


Photo by Melanie Marsman

A place that Paul and I usually visit when we are feeling the need for both nostalgia and burgers is JB’s American Diner*.

There is no place more perfect for a lover of 1950s/1960s pop culture, music and decor.


The chickpea burger and fries is my choice of meal (I’m making myself hungry just thinking about it). We also shared a side of onion rings which are HUGE. Paul tends to fill up on a mint milkshake and this day out was no exception. Melanie got a taste for it and was happy to assist him in finishing it for him. Melanie opted for the classic burger and Carla had the falafel burger and fries. So, it’s veggie friendly too (handy, considering)!

When I did eat meat I was obsessed with the ribs JB’s serve and key lime pie for dessert. Sadly, they no longer have that particular sweet favourite of mine so I made myself look a bit of a twat when I asked for one…

*not all of the items are on the website menu, there are a lot of choices!


After stuffing ourselves with food, we waddled out of the diner and headed to the pier, past the smell of donut oil and into the arcade. Our futures were told by Zoltar and it all strangely connected to what we are going through. Creepy right?! But some would say that you can take whatever you like from fortunes, especially from ancient machines on Brighton Pier.

Arcade time was spent with Paul wasting his coins on the grabbing machine attempting to win a Minion (which you can buy for a pound I might add) and then we had a shot at the Walking Dead game. I was terrible as I can’t aim for shit but it was fun nevertheless.

Once the excitement from killing walkers had died down, we headed straight towards The Crazy Mouse ride. Melanie, Paul and I braved the creaky, rickety old “rollercoaster” and came off feeling slightly light headed. And what’s the best cure for dizziness? The dodgems of course. Which is where Melanie’s jeans decided to tear meaning we spent some time shopping for new ones! Luckily I was also able to pick up some bits on the way!

And yes, pier rides and arcade machines are expensive and short lived. But when you have a friend from the Netherlands who is visiting Brighton for the first time, this is a must. 


Brighton is well known for its shopping and independent retailers. As well as their shopping centre and high street with all of the usual brands like H&M and New Look there are the less ordinary stores. Because no one really comes to Brighton to look at the usual and ordinary, do they?

As you wander through the lanes you discover tonnes of jewellery shops, antiques, art galleries and thrift shops. My favourite is Snoopers Paradise. It is MASSIVE. I have loved it since I was a teenager and could spend hours in here. Alas, there aren’t enough hours in the day…

Original vintage items are all well and good but can be pricey, especially in the art department. Which is why I love to buy prints and vintage merchandise from Vintage Magazines where Paul and I picked up three movie prints for our bedroom. They also framed them for us and I am so happy to have them. There are plenty of other shops which sell quirky home and interior items but be prepared for hefty price tags too!


Brighton lifestyle includes a popular culture of vegetarian and vegan diets. There are a tonne of eating independent establishments that sell vegetarian and vegan food. Restaurants range from takeaways, Italian food and Indian food. One place we have visited is The Loving Hut on Gardener Street. I’m not sure if it’s still there however you are spoilt for choice along that stretch of road. And at the end of Gardner Street, you will find a veggie market and bakery called Infinity Foods Shop and Bakery.

Melanie also introduced me to Leon, a chain restaurant that sells healthy takeaway options. Halloumi lovers, you’re in for a treat as their halloumi wrap is mouthwateringly good (I wanted to have two but wasn’t allowed).


I mean you COULD have a doughnut on the pier but in my opinion, they’re pretty gross. A tasty treat as you go shopping is a delicious cupcake. And like vegetarian restaurants, Brighton is full of them! We visited Cloud9 and enjoyed the Red Velvet and Oreo cupcakes, and they were scummy! Try not to be tempted to buy more than one…

Also, if you’re a fan of the show Choccywoccydoodah you may be tempted to visit their store and cafe. Be warned a chocolate coin costs £5, so be sure to bring some money if you intend to indulge.


  • Parking is awful in Brighton so I’d advise parking at the Churchill Square Shopping Centre.
  • It’s hilly so there is a bit of walking involved.
  • Be aware of pickpockets. It’s a city, and like with any city, there are some wallet grabbers out there.
  • If you’re going on a night out in Brighton, stay in a hotel as Southern trains aren’t always reliable.

So there you have it! A little bit of what I love to do in Brighton and what you could get up to as well! Of course, these aren’t the only things to do there! There is a great night scene with live music, clubs and theatre too. 

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    We love visiting Brighton, it is a very different experience visiting with our son rather than our single days there.

    • Reply Laura January 13, 2017 at 12:33 pm

      Oh that’s what I love about Brighton! There’s something for everyone there 😀 xx

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