Bravura London First Cleanse Oil Review

Bravura London First Cleanse Oil Review

Skincare is incredibly important to me. And if I see a new way of improving my skin, I will try it. Especially vegan and cruelty-free skincare. It means fewer chemicals are used and no animals are hurt, which is always a bonus. Bravura London kindly sent me their First Cleanse Oil to try and review and it’s been about two weeks now since I started using it and today I am sharing my thoughts.


Bravura was founded in London in 2003 by Amanda Elias, an experienced facial therapist whose own skin problems led her to discover the benefits of AHA and BHA’s for troubled skins.

They now produce quality skincare for all skin types without testing on animals.


According to Bravura’s website, oil attracts oil, dirt and grime.  It also dissolves tough products like waterproof mascara and so you can use it as your first cleanse to remove makeup.  CLICK HERE for information on how to get the best from your cleansing routine.


Having combination/most oily skin, I was concerned about the effect it would have. Oil on (mostly) oily skin doesn’t seem to make much sense to me! But if science says oil will help remove oil then I thought it was worth a try!

First Impressions

The bottle screamed quality. Sturdy, metallic and luxurious. I removed the cap and exchanged it for the pump that came with it, however, it didn’t behave right away and took a while for anything to actually come out!

When I applied it to the cotton pad it looked and smelt like massage oil. Not a bad thing but massage oil is incredibly… oily.

The smell after application fades into an odd scent which I can’t put my finger on. It’s not unpleasant just odd!

Skincare Routine

I started by taking the advice from Bravura and used the oil as a makeup remover.  Although it is instructed that you apply the oil with hands. But if you’re like me, rubbing my skin with my hands, even when they are clean seems to do more damage than good as it just makes my skin oilier (probably due to the amount of hand cream, lip balm and tattoo oil I apply). I did attempt the instructions of massaging it then rinsing but it didn’t work as well as I had hoped! So, that is why I tried it with a cotton pad. And damn didn’t it work well! Much more effective than simply massaging, rinsing and cleansing.

I then added some water to create a milky cleanser. Immediately, I could see the dirt and grim lifting from my skin on the cotton pad.

After cleansing and rinsing with warm water, I could feel how soft my skin was.

What happened to my skin…

Although my skin was noticeably softer, it doesn’t suit my skin… I was saddened by this. Not only because after three days I developed several spots (which I haven’t had in months!) but because it was great on the drier patches on my t-zone. So it worked wonders in some cases and not so much in others. As soon as one spot went, another appeared. So I had to stop using itas a cleanser and only used it as a makeup remover and then wash my face without the oil.

The product is absolutely wonderful for removing make-up, face softening and helping bring balance to dry skin, but it just caused several large spots to appear which I didn’t want to keep getting.

Overall, if you have dry skin, this is a cleaning oil is perfect for you. It’s also great for removing eye makeup. But for those with an oilier combination, I would stick to non-oil based cleansers and perhaps only use this when your skin dries out!


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