Why You Shouldn’t Write Brand Content for Free

Why do companies (large or small) expect to advertise for free in the form of brand content? And when I say free I REALLY mean $20. This roughly converts to £14. Then when you take away PayPal commission/exchange fees you’re probably left with less than an hourly rate in my normal job. When I receive an email saying, “Here’s an infographic. Feel free to use it,” I delete it instantly. This is because making any post takes a lot of time to make it worthwhile to the brand and the readers.

Why should we as bloggers promote things for nothing/virtually nothing?


If a brand contacts you asking to work with you send them your media kit. That way they’ll know your stats, who you work with and what they can expect from you as well as your rates. I’ve had a few instances where I’ve been told, “Your metrics aren’t good enough for that amount of money.” Which begs the question, why are they contacting me and not bigger bloggers? The answer is, they can’t afford the bigger bloggers.


  • Is their price worth your time?
  • Is the topic going to be useful or interesting to your readers?
  • Are all the terms clear in what you’re posting e.g. deadline, word count etc.?

If the answer isn’t ‘yes’ to all three, politely decline.


  • Sponsored posts take time to write, including all links in the required format.
  • Once the post is written, we have to link, spell check, format and categorise.
  • Posts need proof-reading.
  • Photographs may need to be taken.
  • Images corresponding to the post need to be edited and uploaded.
  • SEO needs to be considered.
  • Social media needs to be scheduled on all social media channels.

Of course, you have to be realistic with your pricing. You cannot expect £300 per post if you don’t have the stats to make it worthwhile. I take sponsored posts from £50 -£100 because let’s be honest, publicity and free samples aren’t going to pay the rent (even if you have a job, time is still being spent on making a post worthwhile for both parties).

I did a post about what bloggers really do, and why we should be paid more to do it when it comes to collaborations!

Here’s a great post by Tea Party Beauty about charging for sponsored content and another post which expresses the same concerns by Forever Amber.

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  • Reply Hayley April 13, 2016 at 10:10 am

    LOVE THIS <3

    The more people that speak up the more brands will take notice. Also, YAY for saying your fees, most people keep it quiet which results in others undercharging.

    THANKS 🙂

    • Reply Laura April 13, 2016 at 10:57 am

      Thank you Hayley! It was your post which inspired me to share my own thoughts on the issue. It came at the perfect time when I was offered £14 for a post because my blog wasn’t big enough 😛 It’s work at the end of the day and we should be paid for said work 😀 xxx Thank you for YOUR post <3

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