bPerfect Brush on Lashes

bPerfect Brush-On Lashes

As an alternative to getting the very expensive lash dye and perm treatment or false lashes, you can always use brush-on lashes. bPerfect Cosmetics sent me theirs to test out!


Time is a factor in most of our lives which is why taking an hour or so out of our day once every three weeks may seem like a good idea for lash tinting. But if you find it difficult to take that time out then brush on lashes are a cheaper and quicker alternative. I personally find lash perms can make applying other eye make up tricky. And false lashes, well, look false unless you pay out good money.


The brush on lashes came in two tubes. One is a lengthening gel, the other contained fibers which provided the oomph factor for the lashes.

Easily, I just have to apply the gel then the bPerfect lash fiber. I leave them to set for twenty seconds before applying another coat of gel. You can do this a few tips but I don’t like to overdo it. Within 5 minutes I am finished with my lashes and they look nearly as good as a lash tint!


The lashes are super easy and quick to apply. But the fibers do a bit all over the place so you have to be careful when taking the wand out of the tube.

Also, as a vegetarian, it would’ve been nice to know that the gel contained collagen. The website doesn’t disclose ingredients and although not many brands are vegan-friendly, the idea of using animal tissue on my lashes isn’t cool. No, I’m not consuming it but cruelty-free products are always a preference for me and it should be noted that it contains collagen. Perhaps something they need to consider for the website!

The price is pretty decent for these lashes too. At only £22.99 it’s much cheaper than buying false lashes or getting them tinted/permed. Plus, they last as long as you want them to.

bPerfect Brush on Lashes


Don’t get me wrong, they work. They really do. And it’s quick and painless. But I feel that I can get as much out of a good tube of mascara for £10.00 and an eyelash curler. But it really does depend on what your lashes are like. I think I have relatively long lashes and a few coats of mascara does pretty okay with me. However, if you have thinner lashes the bPerfect brush-on fibers and gel may be something to consider.

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