Why "Blogging Success" Posts Won't Work

Why Reading “Blogging Success” Posts Won’t Work

What does blogging success mean to you? We’ve discussed success a little bit here on LFTN but when it comes to blogging there tends to be specific points of success. They are often number based.

How much money are you making?

How many views do you have each week?

Do you have over 100k followers?


There are so many websites, blogs and e-courses online that will tell you that they can make you money and increase your follower count. A little secret.

They get the views and the money by writing about how you can too. 

“How To” posts are always successful. Especially ones that promise and promote success. They are useful to the reader which is one of the top tips any blogger can offer. Being useful.

I promise, all of the “how to” posts, e-learning courses and webinars in the world will not give you exactly what you want. Blogging success comes from being yourself first and foremost. Doing a course in how to do what someone else has done is second hand. You won’t receive as much money, you won’t have as many followers because they did it all first.


If your idea of success is money and followers, it’s not a bad thing. Really! Making money from blogging is a dream. Writing posts and exploring new ideas and topics with businesses (large and small) is a wonderful achievement. But you have to find a method that suits you to get there.

Copying other methods may not be the way to get this success. For example, some bloggers work with agencies, some contact brands direct whilst others work with smaller businesses via PR companies for less than £100 (that’s me!). And if it makes you happy, that is the success.

Another example of gaining followers and views can be by being outspoken but that doesn’t work for everyone. Other ways are through constant communication with other bloggers via social media and events. Personally, events aren’t my thing. Although I enjoy the occasional day out, I don’t see it as gaining any success. The success I get from events comes from having a good time and meeting others without social anxiety.

You see what I mean? Success comes in all shapes and sizes not just in numbers. Exploring new ways of writing, giving others something to think about… That’s success too.


So, next time you read, “How to be a successful blogger in a week.,” just remember that those tips are based on that blogger’s personal experience within the industry. It shouldn’t be taken as a strict guideline. Otherwise, you will feel like you’re failing when you’re not. Success is about being happy in what you’re doing, no matter how you’re doing it.

Of course there are so many useful and insightful pieces of advice on how to grow followers and increase your blog views. But no one, not even the author of the post, can promise it will work overnight. Be patient!

Don’t feel the pressure. Do it your way and the success will come naturally.


  • Be sure you feel satisfied in what you are doing.
  • Don’t compare your success to other people’s.
  • You don’t need to be in an online “clique” or have a tonne of blogger friends.
  • Don’t do anything that makes you uncomfortable.
  • Stand your ground with negotiating budgets with PR companies and brands. You deserve it.
  • Grow your followers naturally, no purchasing them. Like lots of posts on Instagram, comment and follow other accounts on Twitter.

How do you define success as a blogger? Is it based on numbers? Or is it the satisfaction in writing and creating content? Or both? To me, it can easily be all of them. Happiness in what you’re doing is the key to success!

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