Blogging – It’s Not A Numbers Game

It’s wonderful knowing people enjoy your content, love your Instagram photos and find your Tweets humorous. But what do followers on social media platforms say about your blog specifically?

The only thing that can measure the love of your blog is the views you get – even if I had 30k followers on Bloglovin’ what does that mean? It means 30,000 people clicked follow. It doesn’t mean they looked at my blog, absorbed information or used any resources.

So even a media that is targeted at showing off your blog posts doesn’t even really mean anyone is reading you write.

What you should be focusing on is content that you enjoy writing. Content that helps others. Content that you like to see.

Want to gain readership for your blog?


  • Advertise – Buying ad space on other blogs is a natural way to peak curiosity and helps fellow bloggers make money.
  • Get involved – Whether it’s through blog chats via Twitter or sharing your thoughts in the comments you are getting your name out there. Oh and liking and commenting on posts on Instagram.
  • Research – If your blog isn’t getting any readers have a look at your blog and see where it’s strengths and weaknesses are. Look at what you love about other blogs and try and reflect them (NOT COPY).
  • Share – Promote your blog posts on your social media every now and again


  • Spam – There is no problem with sharing your blog or other social medias online every now and again but to do it 6 TIMES A DAY? No thank you.
  • Share your links on other people’s profiles – Pet peeve… Seeing in the comments of any blog/social media HEY FOLLOW ME.
  • Buy followers – Lies, lies, lies. Personally, if you’re a business making money then I can understand the “booster” but for a blog? Stop it.

I’ve always said blogging should be personal to you and shouldn’t be about numbers, money or freebies. It’s about sharing what you love, helping out others and inspiring them. Nonetheless, do share your blog, do share your social medias but if you want to increase followers do it for the right reasons because “fame” doesn’t come from numbers, it comes from love of what you do. It’s not a competition 🙂

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