Seven Things Bloggers Need to Stop Now

Seven Things Bloggers Need to Stop Right Now

Blogging is hard. And it’s only getting harder as the industry grows. And yes, it has become an industry. More and more creatives have learnt how to turn, what was once a place to share grainy images of clothing, into a business. With that knowledge, gorgeous men and women across the world are making a living from sitting at their computer writing content, spending hours and hours taking and editing a hundred photos to only use three while trying to have a social presence at the same time. It’s hard work. But we can often make it harder for ourselves while others don’t make it easy on us either. Here are a few things bloggers need to stop doing. Right. Now.

P.S. Sorry if I sound really angry in places haha!



Oh, the irony. This post is aimed at those who head to Twitter to say, “I hate it when bloggers do this.” and. “Bloggers should stop writing about that.” I mean… Why the fuck are you looking at a blog that has stuff you dislike? You are actively looking to hate on other bloggers and how they write their content. So what if they use stock imagery? So what if they have been going to the gym for a month and are already talking like they’re a personal trainer? Let them do their thing and you do yours. Don’t actively slag off other bloggers just because it’s not your cup of tea. Spread the love guys. Honesty is the best policy but being a dick is just not cool.



This one is something we are all guilty of.

Bloggers are becoming more and more competitive in terms of new and exciting content as well as photography. That’s not a bad thing. There’s nothing wrong with trying to do shit a little different. However, if you are one of those people who look at other blogs and think that you should give up now, just stop.

No, you don’t have a photographer boyfriend. No, you cannot afford marble worktops. Your house has shit lighting and you only have an iPhone 6 for your photos. But you don’t have to do the same thing as everyone else. Use your talents, your imagination and do everything your own way. Write and share, do it for you.


Don’t want to write? Then don’t. Writing every day, even three times a week, can be bloody hard. I know as I tried to daily blog and oh my god, my brain. Being creative is tricky. You can’t be switched on with amazing ideas and fast fingers every evening after work.

Write down your ideas as and when you have them and when you have that wave of inspiration get to that computer and tap, tap, tap away.

I’ll be honest, when I write sometimes I am a different person. My tone changes entirely dependent on my mood, how much coffee I’ve had and whether the dogs woke me up at 5 a.m or not. But it’s never forced. I’ve learnt that content that isn’t completely inspired is shit content. And who wants to read a blog post a day when it’s not worth reading?


You see it a lot over on Instagram and Pinterest that the world of blogging definitely has a “look” to it. It has a stereotype which many of us genuinely enjoy. However, if you absolutely detest marble then don’t get it just because other people get 10,000 likes on a photo. I’m not trying to be harsh or implying that a lot of bloggers are fake. But I know I have considered a lot of things that don’t particularly interest me for my blog and I am certain many others feel the same.


Seven Things Bloggers Need to Stop Now


This point is one where I am accusing some bloggers! They may or may not mean to but bloggers, big or small, must state whether they are working in collaboration with a brand. In social media posts, bloggers should mention that the post you are promoting or just the social activity itself is paid for. Either #ad, #sponsored etc. should be included. The blog post itself can say “THIS POST IS SPONSORED BY” or “THIS POST IS IN COLLABORATION WITH”. This is not only legal but also morally correct. There is absolutely no shame being paid to promote a product or company.

I have worked with many company types but they are businesses that I feel could create useful and interesting content. It doesn’t necessarily have to be what I have used or would use. But my readers may!

Here is my disclaimer as an example of what blogs could do to show in more detail about their collaborations.


I was a complete stat obsessive. Now, I take a look once or twice a week. Followers are no longer a major concern. I just want to create useful posts that you, my beautiful readers, will enjoy.

Stats are one of the big issues when it comes to working with brands. But if they don’t want to work with you because you don’t have 20,000 unique views a month (I still don’t know exactly what that is if I’m honest) then that is their problem. You still deserve to be paid for advertising their service and business because you are the one working for them. Blogs are not for free advertising. It just doesn’t work like that.

So, just write what you like, enjoy what you do and try to avoid the numbers. You will have much more fun to blog that way!


I am possibly one of the least sociable people I know. I have been to a couple of blog events and I can honestly say they are so goddamn awkward. It’s also not a massive deal for me to get too involved with many blog chats, I don’t have a little group of online friends. And I am fine with that. Having a social ladder of big blogger friends isn’t what gets you “success” as a blogger anyway. It’s all down to the love and effort you put in, how creative you are and what you can do to shine.

Don’t want to go to events? Don’t sweat it. Pick and choose what you will actually enjoy as opposed to how many of the social media elite will be attending.

Blogging is meant to be fun. Don’t let it destroy your confidence and passion. Is there anything you think bloggers should stop so they can reach their full potential?


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