Blog Post Ideas (PLUS Free Blogging Resources)

All bloggers have those days where we want/need content BUT have no idea what to do a post about. So, here are 20 blog post ideas that I feel all blogs must publish (at least once!)

  1. What’s In My Bag – Don’t think or plan this too much. Empty that bag and list/photograph it’s content. Here’s a great example by WishWishWish.
  2. My Bucket List  – What do you want to do before you kick the bucket? Create a list!
  3. Desert Island Discs – What are the 8 tracks you would take with you on a deserted island?
  4. #OOTD – Take some snaps of today’s outfit and where you got it from.
  5. What’s Made Me Happy This Week – Reflect on what good things have happened this week.
  6. Top 5 Blogs – Do you have any blogs that inspire you? Share them with others!
  7. 10 Facts About Me – It’s good to share some facts about yourself with your readers so they feel more personable towards you.
  8. Favourite Films – Like the facts it’s fun to share some potential common ground with your readers.
  9. Review – Review a film, book, movie… Share your thoughts and feels on the latest in entertainment.
  10. What I Wish I Could Do – Ever wanted to paint? Play piano? Share these aspirations with your audience.
  11. Letter To My Teenage Self – This allows you to get as personal as you like.
  12. A Beginner’s Guide to _______________________ (your skill)  – Great at photography? Do a beginner’s guide to help other people who are looking to gain that skill too!
  13. Hair/make up tutorial – Show your readers how you do your hair and make up!
  14. Places I Want Visit – Self explanatory! Write a list of places in the world, or in a particular city that you want to visit.
  15. Blog Freebies – Find some free fonts, graphics, themes…. Anything that is free that others can use for their blog (don’t forget to credit the source and only use it if the owner gives permission, search for a disclaimer).
  16. My Blogging Tools – What do you use to blog effectively? You may have something that not many other bloggers have and should get, tell ’em!
  17. Desktop Wallpapers – Get creative! Make some desktop wallpapers for your audience to use.
  18. Favourite Seasonal Pieces – Fashion is something people care about… Why not share some of your favourite styles?
  19. Vlog – Create a video talking about an issue that is important to you, talk about your day, review a product or do a tutorial. Why not mix it up a bit? (I am still yet to do this one…. One day people, one day)
  20. Inspirational quotes – What quotes inspire you? Also, make sure you check the source.

So there are some ideas for you. I tried to make a little different to some other websites with blog post ideas.

What blog posts would you like to see here on Living for the Now? 

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