How to Get Better at Saving Money

How to Get Better At Saving Money

It’s not as if I always have money. But I am always saving for something and I pride myself in saving well. Which is partly why I never have money, if that makes any sense. Paul and I have always planned a holiday of sorts from the moment we started seeing each other in 2010. And whilst he deals with the daily spending, I save for the holidays and spending money for those trips. It’s a system that works for us pretty well but did take some getting used to!

Obviously, not everyone is in a relationship and not everyone gets the same wage as I do etc. There are many factors to consider. But there are ways you can save money to create more available spending on travelling, treats and shopping trips.


That gym membership you haven’t used since the New Year? The Netflix account you got bored of? The magazine subscription you stopped reading? Well, it’s time to cancel your memberships for anything and everything you no longer use.

I cancelled my gym membership because I found it cheaper to work out from home with equipment like weights and kettle bells. It doesn’t cost much in the long run to create some space and invest in some workout equipment.

You can go for a run for free, you can do the plank for thirty seconds and sixty squats and not spend a penny. Imagine, an extra £50+ a month in your bank account?


Most banks have a system where you can transfer money into your savings each month automatically. It makes it a lot less painful in parting with your cash. It’s also a good option to have a separate bank account and arrange a standing order that way. It is less likely you will see the money and spend it.


I know exactly how much a month I have left over once my bills are paid. That money is mine to spend and I either make it last or spend it in one go and enjoy doing nothing for a month. You can do that too… Or if you have sensible months like I often do thank goodness, you can ensure that the money in your account has a weekly average spend once savings have been put away and all bills have been accounted for.


One of the main culprits for spending is takeaway coffees and eating out. Okay, well it could be just me but I know a lot of us enjoy dining out. A good jar of coffee can cost £5 and give you plenty of mugs of caffeine goodness. Whereas it costs £3 (if you’re lucky) for one coffee at a Costa or Starbucks. Cut down on takeaways and start making drinks and meals from home. Create meal plans and shop for just what you need!


If you are going to buy anything, do it online. More often than not you can shop about for better deals and special offers as well as useful discount codes.

We get most of our items from Amazon Prime as this gives us access to the pantry section for home items and more! You can also join Top Cashback (thanks to a friend recommendation) which gives you cash back for certain purchases as well as discount codes.

Do you have any money saving tips? Share them below!

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  • Reply Trisa Taro April 24, 2017 at 6:53 am

    Great advice! I wish I had taken more of this to heart when I was in college. The other thing I’ve found that is really helpful is tracking expenses – you never really think about how much you spend until you count every last penny. I actually have a blog series called Travel Money Diaries where people track and share what they spend in a 7-day period! In case you’re interested:

  • Reply Natalie Ann Redman April 24, 2017 at 4:32 pm

    A standing order for savings is such a good idea!

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