Benefits of Meatoxing

I don’t want to do a Morrissey and tell you that you shouldn’t eat meat just because I’m a vegetarian. Obviously it’s your choice, it’s up to you! However, I think it’s good to share my journey as someone who was addicted to meat and would eat it daily.

Becoming a vegetarian has helped me in choosing healthier meals. For example, the other night instead of ending up with a burger and fries on my plate I had some lovely chargrilled asparagus and couscous. Unless you are very disciplined or a vegetarian you are more than likely not going to choose the asparagus option. I know I wouldn’t But it was delicious! I’ve been able to try different foods which have filled me up and made me feel less guilty.

Having a break from meat can do wonders for your body and health. Here are some benefits I have found personally and through doing research:

  • My skin has improved massively. I’ve had barely any blemishes or blackheads since going veggie
  • I’m much less bloated
  • I have tried lots of different meal options that I wouldn’t have had before
  • Reducing meat intake will decrease your chance of obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease and colorectal, ovarian, and breast cancers
  • You decrease your saturated fat intake
  • Less meat, more vegetables, more energy. Too much fat in your bloodstream means that arteries won’t open properly and that your muscles won’t get enough oxygen. Balanced vegetarian diets are naturally free of cholesterol and animal products that decrease our energy levels. Increasing the whole grains, fruits and vegetables intake will improve carbohydrate levels giving your body much more energy.
  • It’s no secret that many meat products are not exactly what we think it is. That also means we may not know what it took to get the meat. For some sick reason people feel the need to fiddle with science and pump animals with all sorts of junk. That junk goes into our system. I would like to say your local butchers will provide organic meat but how many local butchers are there nowadays?
  • You’ll save some money! We’ve saved a crazy amount of money since not eating meat. No more £15 steaks for me!

Obviously giving up meat will increase all the benefits but that’s not to say you can’t just have a break every now and again.

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