Being Yourself in Blogging

Being Yourself In Blogging

A big part of the reason I love reading certain blogs isn’t just because they make their posts aesthetically pleasing but because they are themselves. They speak in a certain tone which makes me trust and respect their opinions. Being yourself is a big part of what attracts readers to your blog and today I’m sharing my opinions on what I think helps that.


It’s so important to know what writing style suits you. Some people are chatty, some are more… professional . Can you guess which one I am? *insert wink face*

It will take a few posts to find what tone you want to give off to your readers. I kinda like a laid back feeling and just letting it flooow.


There are people out there who will like your posts and some who won’t. That’s just how the world works. What you need to do is focus on the few that do care about what you write, not trying to please the ones who don’t.


There are only so many reviews that can say a product is amazing. You need to focus one what isn’t great too. If you like delivering reviews you need to show your readers you’re not all about, “Hey isn’t this wonderful,” when there are things that you aren’t so keen on. Most of the products I promote I have either applied for, or bought myself so I know I can be honest without worrying too much. But you shouldn’t worry. Readers rely on you for honest opinions, that’s why brands like working with bloggers. They should be honest and personable 🙂


So twelve bloggers have a pair of shoes and have blogged about it… Don’t feel the need to do the same! Finding new ways of showing off products or promoting something a little different will make you stand out from the HUGE amount of blogs out there.

There we go! Some tips on how to be yourself in the blogging world because without being yourself, you’re just a copy of someone else. 

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  • Reply Susanne November 27, 2015 at 10:00 pm

    Which leads to the everlasting question… why do people have to blog about products? Is there really nothing else to write about these days???
    However, I think that whatever a blog is about, it will be boring and uninteresting if the blogger doesn’t let her/his person shine through. I like to get to know the blogger a little… that’s what’s interesting with blogs. To find products I can go to a webshop.

    • Reply Laura November 27, 2015 at 11:37 pm

      Don’t get me wrong I’ve discovered many amazing things through blogs including products but it’s not something I like to see daily. The same goes for when a lot of blogs are talking about the same one thing because it’s part of a blogger campaign. There’s nothing wrong with it as I do it myself but I like mixture 🙂 Xx

      • Reply Susanne November 28, 2015 at 2:47 am

        I also like variety! But there seem to be certain blog trends that EVERYONE follows. Before it was outfits. Now it’s beauty products (although many do outfits too). It’s hard to find blogs that have a good variation.

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