Being True To Yourself

A huge part of blogging, for me, was to better myself and to help others. I felt that if I were to write about something I would probably live by it. For example, if I were to create a post encouraging people to be happier then I would feel the need to take my own advice.

Over the past year I have found it harder and harder to live up to certain expectations. With popular blogs demonstrating a life full of sponsored travel, free designer clothes and awesome beauty products it can make smaller blogs feel like we need to put on that persona to gain more exposure. It’s like the theory of: if you want to be rich, make yourself look rich then you will get rich. That kinda thing.

However, I think it’s incredibly important to often share the “Hey I’m not so perfect” side of your life. Obviously it’s harder for full time bloggers. To get more work you need to keep up appearances. That is obviously fine and the choice of the blogger but reality and blogging shouldn’t be confused. Bloggers have feelings too. They have needs. They have likes and dislikes.

If we ignore blogging for a second and go back to a world where these sites didn’t exist would you say people were always true to themselves? No of course not. The internet has simply accelerated the need to appear better than what we perhaps feel about ourselves. But it’s so important to remember who you are. Where you come from. And how hard it is to actually become the image you have created for yourself. So, rather than trying to live up to those expectations – be yourself.

I had a comment on one of most posts the other day saying how I wrote like a teenager. Yes, it upset me. But I am not going to change how I write (an honest and basically chatty account of my thoughts) to please people. If no one looks at my blog because they don’t like how I write there is no way I will change who I am for the purpose of more views. And neither should you.

Remember, your personality is what makes you unique.

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