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The past few months have felt like a bit of a whirlwind. I’ve bought a house which is currently being renovated. We own two German Shepherd puppies which are growing (and shitting more) by the day. And it’s all been pretty heavy on the ol’ shoulders. I’ve actually been far from content with my life, despite all the wonderful things I have ahead of me.

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When you live with your in-laws for over six years, you can begin to feel a bit like you’re being babysat. It’s not their fault of course. Living in their home is hard for everyone and for a year we’ve been waiting to own a property. And now we own it, we’re still having to wait.

And yes, Paul did make the ridiculous decision to purchase two dogs which would live in their home making everything a hell of a lot more difficult.

Like all families, we argue. We bicker and disagree. Lately, we’ve been feeling the pressure more and more to get out and it’s made me incredibly unhappy. I’ve felt lost, unmotivated and trapped in my own life.


Although being in this situation isn’t ideal, it’s still wonderful. Yes, we are crowding one another. Walking on egg shells. Complaining all the time… And sometimes I feel as if I can’t breathe. I have been having terrible moods and taking it out on everyone. But when I calm down, I think. And I realise how bloody lucky I am.

No, we aren’t in the easiest of living situations but soon I will be in my home that my in-laws have helped us with. And by golly am I grateful.

Living For The Now - woods


It’s not easy to break out of certain moods. No matter how good things will be, the current moment can take over and cause a feeling of emptiness,¬†making you feel at a loss with yourself. But it’s natural. We can’t always be positive. So, I’ve decided when I feel down, jealous, angry or upset I will write a list of ten things I am thankful for.

It’s hard to always feel content with how life is. But take a step back and note down what makes you happy right now.

Living For The Now - woods

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