Feeling Content in Your Home

Being Content at Home

I share a lot of posts on Living for the Now, alongside brands, about how you can make your home look and feel good. But are you content there? Does your house feel like a home?

here are a few simple ways that you can feel 100% content with where you live with a few simple changes that won’t require you to completely renovate your living area. It’s all about how you arrange your home, what you put into it and the simple changes that make a big difference.


It’s time to declutter your home and make space. See this post on the benefits of decluttering. It really does help in opening up your rooms.

You want your home to feel easy-going, right? We all do. Otherwise, it can feel too much like a show home with no character.  Well, it is often surprising what a difficulty that can be when there is not enough free space. And what home has much of that?! For the major living areas at least, you should make an effort to keep the space as clear as possible.

Obviously, you can do the simple act of tidying up and cleaning. But you can also rearrange your furniture. It takes some work but you may find how much bigger space is just with switching certain items around!

You can also create the feeling of space, rather than literal space.  This will do quite a lot for your sense of peace and calm in the home. Space makes you feel as if you can breathe, and if some simple additions and changes do that, then it’s worthwhile. 

Just by strategically placing mirror, you can practically double the feeling of any room. Similarly, creating smaller pockets of space within the larger rooms using furniture, lighting or changes in colour is a powerful way of creating space out of seemingly nothing. With more space to call your own, your home will feel more like your home.


For me, the bedroom one of the most important rooms in my house.

Whenever I need to unwind after a long day, or go for a nap my bedroom welcomes me!

We all need a decent amount of sleep each night (I know I do otherwise hell breaks lose) and not getting it has a number of serious knock-on effects which are definitely best avoided. It is hugely helpful, therefore, if you are able to make your bedroom into a much more peaceful zone.

This will help your body and mind to switch off just when you need them to, and will gradually facilitate greater and greater improvements in your life as a result. You can make your bedroom a more peaceful space by using lighting and colouring in calm, pastel colours and easygoing lights. 

Your bedroom a more peaceful space by using lighting and colouring in calm, pastel colours and easygoing lights. You can also do your best to ensure that the scheme and theme of the room actually reflect your own personality – a hugely important part of being able to relax in the bedroom. See here for advice on this!

Pretty soon you will start finding the bedroom to be even more relaxing than ever!


Ah, the bathroom. Often ignored… And in so many homes, the bathroom is a small and difficult space to work with.

More often than not, it can seem impossible to actually do anything particularly interesting with it and most of us just save for a complete overhaul.  But it’s not always necessary to have a complete renovation as this can cost more money than you usually hope to spend.

But guess what? You can create a bathroom space with is both highly stylish and personal, and still functions well as a hygienic and necessary area of the house.

When you are looking to improve your bathroom, it is always worth checking out websites such as Drench.co.uk. These places often provide useful inspiration for a number of important changes which you might choose to make without breaking the bank. You will probably be grateful for such inspiration when you are trying to make your bathroom a much more than just a place to shower and go to the loo. 

The perfect area to relax and soak in the bath! Place candles on the window sill, or perhaps add a flower or paintings. Whatever you do there are several quick and easy bathroom makeover ideas that will make you fall back in love with this room!


Lighting is the best way to help your home feel bigger and more spacious. Even if not entirely ample. It is well worth playing around with various styles of light to help you in your decision making. Each room is different in how it can be lit. 

Lighting in your home and in the garden can create such comforting effects. You can happily produce an atmosphere with various lighting styles which will create a feeling of contentment in the home.

Playing around with various elements can help spark new ideas. Lighting can soon be your best friend when it comes to creating a home which you are happy and content in, so get experimenting with it as soon as you can!


The colours that you use around the home have a massive, direct impact on how you feel when you are there. And the more you know about this subject, the more you will be able to use colour to your advantage.

It’s quite simple on the surface: neutral and lighter colours tend to evoke more peaceful and relaxed feelings, and as such will often benefit you psychologically around the home.

But this is not to say that you should only ever go for those colours. Without anything to contrast them against, such colours do not mean all that much. Be sure to include a few colours throughout the home too.

Light blue walls in my home and dark blue seating creates a focal point in my living room.


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