Being Careful About What You Write Online

It’s a common thing in this generation to share all of your feelings through online mediums. And that’s cool. It’s a way to express your emotions and if 1000 people see it, well then it may make them feel comfortable about sharing theirs thoughts and feelings.

But we have to be careful with what we put online. Ranting, bad mouthing and sharing personal experiences online isn’t fair on the other person/people involved no matter how much they may have upset you… There are two sides to each story and even if you feel like only your point matters, it’s not how everyone involved will see it.  And if they can’t explain their side of the story then it’s just biased to the readers of that post/status/tweet.

Publicly putting someone down isn’t going to change the situation. All it will do is show that you can’t move on. I’ve had my own personal experiences where I’ve made sly digs and I know how wrong it is now because all it did was make me look bad. It just continues to show the level you will go to to make someone else seem like a terrible person. How will that make you better? You can damage your reputation if you bad mouth others.

If you have an issue with someone, take it up with them privately. There’s a time and a place to bitch and it isn’t on your social media or your blog.

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