How to be More Productive at Work

Be More Productive & Less Stressed at Work

The office isn’t the easiest place to be calm and collected. You can be more productive and reduce your stress levels at work by following these tips:

  • Prepare the evening before –  Get everything prepared the night before. Get your bag, ready, arrange your clothes, pack your lunch and ensure you have your Oyster card and keys in an easy place for you to find. This way you won’t be running around in the morning in a panic.
  • Get to work early –  Getting to work half an hour before the day starts allows you set yourself up for your working day. Get your coffee, comb your hair, turn your PC on and write your to do list.
  • Don’t distract yourself –  Before you start focusing on your task, close down your emails, turn your phone off and focus on that one thing
  • The simple way is usually the best – overcomplicating tasks and over thinking can get your head in a spin and cause you to make mistakes. Stop and think “could I be doing this in an easier way?”
  • Make the most of breaks – During your lunch hour head outside, go for a walk or just sit away from your desk.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help – Stuck on a problem? Talk to your colleagues about finding a solution, hare the workload and be positive that you will overcome the issue.
  • Make use of a telephone – Using the telephone more means you can speak . Emails can take too much time to write and people like to hear the sound of your voice.
  • Say ‘no’ if you need to –  If you can’t take on more work or cannot do a task, let the person who asked you know.
  • Make confirmations – Contact attendees of meetings and confirm all appointments a day or so before they are going to happen to ensure everyone is certain of times and location.
  • Keep it clean  – Tidy your desk at the end of each day, get rid of rubbish and clutter and you’ll feel fresh for work the next day.
  • Separate work and personal life – You need to make sure you set limits. When the work day is done switch off work communications.

How do you reduce stress at work? 

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  • Reply Brittany December 20, 2015 at 6:41 pm

    These are great tips, thank you!

  • Reply Shannon December 22, 2015 at 5:33 pm

    Great tips! I don’t always do it, and should more, but when I pick out what to wear and make my lunch the night before my day always runs smoother.

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