Basic To Basic Blogging

Basic To Basic Blogging

With all the drama over on Twitter regarding the Instagram Scandal, I’ve decided that blogging has become one big war zone. And that sucks. Negativity everywhere and it’s kinda bringing the blogging “community” to an all-time low. We can now see that to brands it’s a numbers game. Not only that but I noticed my Domain Authority went down quite a bit so, I’ve been doing some thinking about blogging and how I blog.


I know I did a post about bringing back personal blogging but now I want to focus on it a bit more.

I look around at bloggers and various blog tips websites etc and many have branding. Any blog advice sites will tell you how branding is important. They tell you how you keep everything uniform and professional. And I used to think that was right. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest… It should all be similar. It should contain the same colours, fonts, basic design etc. Some websites also tell you how you can build your mailing list, make money, work with brands etc.

There are tonnes of posts out there telling you how you can build you blog as a brand. Ways on how you keep everything uniform. Tidy. Generic.

This is why I admire bloggers that do things a little differently. I love reading posts that go a little deeper. Seeing designs that aren’t the same as others. They discuss personal experiences and aren’t obsessed on how professional they look as a blogger.

I get that blogging is a job for many. And that is great! I’d love to be able to blog for a living! But does it mean you can’t be 100% yourself? I feel that branding can restrict who you are and you start branding your life too.


I had a mailing list. I’d send newsletters. I created a protected freebies page that only subscribers could access. I had a little online a shop with affiliate links and my own items/services to sell. And I thought when I did my relaunch last year that they would draw more people to my blog. And although the Freebies page did, I’m not sure what having a mailing list did for me. I had nothing to sell or offer, so it was more work and pressure.

Whereas now, I can just create, write and share as and when I like 🙂 Which surely is the point of blogging?

It’s sad that it’s become so competitive. Those who could never dream of travelling to Santorini or Dubai may feel as if their only way to experience life is through blogging. Which is probably why it’s become such a big thing over the past few years. We are overworking, over trying and overcompensating ourselves for the sake of getting noticed and feeling good about ourselves.

You may not of course. Blogging has probably always been about creating and sharing content. But I’ll admit, I have spun off that notion with the desire to blog for noticeability and self-worth. And that’s a shame. Effort should be put where our heart lies. Not in things that we think will make us happy. I have wanted to try a little bit more in terms of Instagram, writing posts and such. But I actually enjoy putting the effort in for those things. It’s not a chore to do things like that.


Although I entirely get why brands and PRs require stats, I am no longer worrying about them as much (as I’ve said on several occasions now). When my Domain Authority went down I was like “shit that’s annoying.” But in reality, does it REALLY matter?

I have been so worried about my stats since I started blogging, it has made me force content (well sometimes) I thought would increase numbers. But it’s dawned on me that if brands or PRs get in touch, they should want to work with me because of my content as well as stats. If my DA is too low or I don’t have a large enough following, c’est la vie. They should still give me something in return for promoting their product because it’s advertising no matter how small my following may be in comparison to others.

If the Instagram bot shit proved anything it was that having followers does take you to incredible places. But I rather blog about what I want and pay to go to go to those place off my own back. Not on the fact that people follow me.

I don’t really see much of an appeal of being sent places by a brand or an agency. And that’s not jealousy talking. I like going off and doing what I want, and not with a bunch of strangers.

I’m happy to work with brands as long as they are here for me, my content and my voice. Not just my DA or unique visitors (what the hell are they anyway?!)


So the point of this little rant? I’ve decided to go back to basic blogging. Sharing life updates, scrapping the desire to have to conform to a stereotype and enjoy what I write. Welcome back list posts, image posts… Anything and everything.

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  • Reply Karla April 24, 2017 at 9:52 am

    Hello Laura, this is really helpful for me. I’ve been blogging at for a few years now but I’ve not been serious about it. Maybe because I’m not so passionate about the topic (which is my life as a medical student)? I don’t know. Now that I quit med school, I’m planning to give my blog a makeover, change the blog name and change the topic. I will keep what you said here in mind. I want to blog because I love sharing stories. I’ll make sure I won’t lose my voice during the process. Thank you!

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