Avon Red 2000 Lipstick Review

Avon Red 2000 Lipstick Review

When my friend Katie came over to stay a few weeks ago she brought over an unused red lipstick with her from Avon. Not one for wearing red, she gave it to me. I have worn a lot of red lipstick in the past but have failed to find the perfect long lasting, non-bleed lipstick. So, I’ve been giving this one (Avon Red 2000) a try.


Avon Red 2000 Lipstick Review

The colour of Red 2000 is absolutely gorgeous. A deep, rich and moist finish with a stunning boost to my look making my everyday casual style have a bit more oo la la. The texture gives the standard creamy lipstick feel. It has a wonderfully smooth application, however, it sadly began to make my lips dry out pretty quickly. This means I end up licking my lips every five minutes reducing the initial rich colour I adored.

And then we get to the eating and drinking. As soon as I finished my breakfast and coffee, it was practically gone. Despite it’s pigmented, true red tone I just felt as if it would come off with every mouthful. Even after an hour of application (and blotting), I would gently touch my lips and it would transfer.

However, after reapplication and not scoffing down Rice Crispies and a giant mug of coffee, the colour did remain longer than I had initially been disappointed by.

Later in the day, I did find that despite using lipliner, the lipstick did bleed slightly off the lip meaning I had to start over again…


Although I have doubts about the longevity of this lipstick I still cannot help but love the colour. This is much more of a short term wear in my opinion. If you don’t mind reapplying during courses or after each drink, this has the most beautiful tone of red. If only it didn’t dry my lips out so much!

Have you tried this lipstick? Did you have the same issues?

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