Autumn Outfit Wishlist

Amy’s Autumn Outfit Wishlist: Inspired by Daniel Footwear

Great shoes are the staple for most fabulous outfits. Heels give you that power and confidence to dominate the board room, while trainers define whether you can hit the gym at optimum performance. But people question prices. Should I buy this? Nah, it costs £60. What the Chuck? A decent shoe is worth the money you spend on it. So when I saw the trainers featured in my wishlist, I just had to make an autumn outfit inspired by them. I’m already saving my pennies for these babies.

They take me back to the era of skateboards and Skaterboi. So my wishlist is a blast from the past with a modern, autumnal feel! Let’s travel from head to toe to explore this autumn outfit!

HUGO BOSS – Boss Femme Eau de Parfum

Musky perfumes containing notes of sandalwood are perfect for the autumnal bonfire season. It is warm scented and contrasts the light, sweet and floral scents of spring. However, Eau de Parfum is often more pricy than we’d all like. Remember that there is always Eau de Toilette. It might not last as long as the more expensive stuff but it makes a £100 pipe dream into a £30 reality.

ASOS – Herschel Grey Marl Knitted Beanie

This beanie is not just a cute little accessory, it’s a little something to warm your ears in the bitter autumn evenings. Bonfires always feel so much better when your ears aren’t being bitten by the cold.

ASOS – Kiss The Sky Checked Festival Cardigan

This is perfect for when the autumn evening gets a little chilly but it’s still too warm for anything heavier. The style itself is great to help you tie it around your waist and truly get that 90’s rocker look.

H&M – Printed T-Shirt

I must admit, I’m a little bit in love with the style of this top. However, any design or band tee would be perfect to accompany this look. So find yourself one of your favourite band and buy a size too big! The baggier the better.

RIVER ISLAND – Light Blue Wash Ripped High Rise Denim Shorts

The scruffy look of these shorts give you that extra bold and ‘grungy’ style. Not to mention that the high-waisted style adds a little feminine something to this otherwise quite masculine style.

NEW LOOK – Black Premium 80 Denier Tights

Tights on or off? Because of Britain’s erratic weather, it’s always great to be prepared. It might be beautiful and hot in the morning but freezing in the afternoon. The best way of tackling it is to carry a pair of tights you can slip on in a cheeky trip to the toilet.

Not to mention, the layered look is perfect for an autumn grunge style.

DANIEL FOOTWEAR – Ash Prince Bis Navy Suede Studded High Top Trainers

Ah, the pièce de résistance of this look! These high-top, platform Ash Boots take the grunge look into the modern day (and also gives us shorties a boost). They are stylish and look totally cool with the high-waisted shorts. But don’t be fooled, they’d go with pretty much any laid back autumnal outfit. The choice is up to you!

What do you think of this ‘autumnal grunge’ design? Or are there any outfits that you’d like to see matched up with these awesome shoes?


Watercolour images from Angie Makes

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