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When I got the initial email from T-Post I was confused by their concept. A lifestyle magazine printed on a t-shirt?! I bet you’re thinking the same as I am: “How does that work?” I was intrigued and I think no amount of reading online would give me the full experience of what T-post had to offer. This is why I’m going to show you today a bit more about it, what they represent and my thoughts on the Aurora Borealis t-shirt which I was kindly sent by the team to review.


As I mentioned earlier, T-post is a lifestyle magazine printed on a t-shirt. Pretty unique, huh? Every issue comes with a story printed on the inside of the t-shirt and a wonderful graphic/piece of art on the front.

T-post has worked with some of the hottest artists, brands, and designers to suit their style. Collaborations include Alife andStaple as well as Eric HAZE and Ricky Powell .

T-post has been featured in TIME, Elle, Esquire and more!



My parcel came through with my Aurora Borealis magazine come t-shirt tightly folded within a cardboard folder. This was a pretty cool and unique way of receiving an item of clothing. There were no crazy amounts of packaging, which is something I really get frustrated with.

The folder itself had a male model, looking very ‘street’ (is that a thing?), which I will admit didn’t exactly make me think that this was a t-shirt for me. I’m definitely not one of your artsy tee, snapback, and retro trainers kinda gal. In addition, my first impression was that the design was a little, dare I say, something a guy who plays Dungeons and Dragons would wear? It reminded me of those t-shirts you see with a family of wolves on it and a pixie. However, the design grew on me. Especially after reading the deep words printed on both the inside of the t-shirt and it’s packaging.

The writer of the article, Jonas Pekkari and the other writers that work with T-post tend to focus on how inwardly focussed we are as a society. These t-shirts are a rebellion to your standard way of thinking and looking at fashion. So, yeah, they look cool. But there’s more to them than that. And that’s what I like about T-post. They want to open your mind to the possibility that there is more to life than Starbucks and ASOS. That you can combine art and philosophy with fashion. All whilst being environmentally friendly about it in the way the t-shirts are made.



So, although this particular design wasn’t ‘my thing’ exactly, I actually love what T-post stands for. It is more than just a t-shirt. It’s more than just what it looks like and that’s an awesome concept to have. It’s actually a really comfortable t-shirt and something I’m definitely wearing on my lazier days!

In addition, I also like that you don’t have to subscribe to get the t-shirts. You can buy the ones you like if you’re not willing to risk getting one that’s not for you. I genuinely love some of the designs and the stories that go along with them. Take a look at the shop, do you see one you particularly love? 


If you love the designs, the concept, and want to subscribe to T-post, you can get your first one for free. Just use discount code “LFTN”. After that, you save 25% on the many designs that will be sent to your door monthly.

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