What I Do When I'm Anxious/Depressed

What I Do When I’m Feeling Anxious or Depressed

One of my pet peeves is then people pretend anxiety is not real. That depression isn’t a mental illness. They both are and they’re something that can’t be controlled… As with any illness, you can’t just fix them. Some people just don’t know what to do when they feel anxious.

They’re issues that get ignored so easily and that’s why they should be discussed more. Anxiety and depression can prevent someone from performing everyday tasks. They stop them from connecting with other people, having any emotional attachment and sometimes even makes them want to stop living. So don’t let anyone tell you that depression and anxiety don’t exist or aren’t real mental illnesses. They are. They’re more than just feeling sad or nervous. They are debilitating.

Rant over. 


Ahhh depression. A word is thrown around like confetti. In reality, depression is more than being blue or in a bad mood.

When I have one of my – what I personally call – phases, I literally lose all willingness to do anything. Whether that’s to blog, work, go out or even get out of bed. I become completely numb… I become convinced there’s nothing to live for, that I have no purpose and that everything is pointless. After trying medication for 5 months and taking a couple of therapy sessions, I became scared that I’d grow dependent on them both. I was afraid that without them I would be alone and nothing else could ever help. Which is why I stopped.

I know that I can break out of it on my own. I have decided to own it and face the fact it’s there. I have my hours/days of living in a dark cloud and then I take hold of my feelings and make myself get up and move on.

It doesn’t always work but I am convinced I can make my depression fade by using my own mentality and by doing some of the following:

  • I write all of my feelings down,
  • I have a big cry,
  • I watch a Disney movie or Impractical Jokers,
  • I take break from social media,
  • Paul forces me out of the house (I tell him to when I’m not feeling depressed as I know it will help).

No, these don’t always work and no they won’t work for everyone suffering depression. But they make me feel a lot better than laying in bed all day.


I did a post about Coping with Anxiety... It’s a guide to ways you can help yourself when you’re feeling anxious. I do many of the things I recommend on there.

However, when I’m at to the point where I physically cannot get my thoughts and worries out of my mind, when I can’t sleep, eat or enjoy anything, I…

  • …go to the cinema. Being out of the house and paying attention to something other than my brain really helps.
  • …talk about it. Big or small when I feel anxious about something I talk about how it makes me feel, most likely to Paul.
  • …work out. The natural endorphins from exercise really help my mood levels and help take my mind off things.
  • …meditate. Using a free app, I listen to a softly spoken person guiding me through deep breathing and relaxation.
  • …colour in my mindfulness colouring book. It’s relaxing and helps calm my mind.
  • …read a fiction book. I’m able to escape this world and be a part of another.

This is how deal with my depression and anxiety. We’re all different in what helps us overcome certain demons. Some people are stronger than others and it’s something society should learn to not only accept but to help conquer. Support is key.

Do you suffer from anxiety or depression? Do you have any methods for calming intrusive thoughts or panic attacks?


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  • Reply Sheree Grace May 20, 2016 at 8:08 am

    I love those tips for when you feel depressed! I don’t have depression and I will NEVER say that I do, but I often (more than I’d like) feel exactly as you just described. To the T, which is scary actually.
    However, those tips are fabulous. Especially having a cry (let’s face it, we all need to and I miss crying) and watching Disney movies! Any happy movie always cheers me up/gets me out of my head. Sitcom binges on Netflix help too, for the same reason of getting me out of my own head.
    I love spreading positivity too when I feel that way, paying someone a compliment, making them feel better. I actually force myself to post on social media during those times, just because I only like to post happy things, so it forces me to think happy and creative to make something colourful and fun.

    Anyway, that was a long comment. I love this post, so helpful and very positive, actually!

    • Reply Laura May 20, 2016 at 7:56 pm

      Thank you so much for your comment and sharing what you do to make yourself feel better! xx

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