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Getting from San Francisco to Vancouver we decided that it would be very nice to go with Amtrak as opposed to flying. After some saving some money we eventually booked our overnight train to Seattle (then driving to Canada).

If you’re interested in travelling by the Amtrak train here are some tips before you travel:

  • All bags require a tag with your contact details but you can get them for free at the Amtrak station.
  • The bedrooms are small when you pull the bed out but there’s more space when it’s folded away.
  • The shower is in the same room as the toilet so be aware that you may get wet feet next time you go to the loo after your better half has showered…
  • Breakfast is first come first serve but they do offer a waiting list when you will be called.
  • Wifi can be come and go so be aware it could cut out any moment. Oh, and you can only get it in the areas marked with Wifi.
  • Lunch and dinner is offered to those in rooms only but there are “to your seat” services which will be offered to you. An announcement will be made.
  • An Amtrak attendant will come to your room and ask when you want your lunch/dinner. There will be an announcement when the attendant is going around the rooms.
  • Pack your essentials in a carry on including your clothes for the next day as you won’t get access to your carry on until you arrive at your destination.
  • There’s wine and cheese tasting and movie screenings so you can’t possibly get bored.
  • It’s a noisy ride so sleeping will be pretty hard but it’s better than sleeping in a chair.

This is a great opportunity to take in the surroundings you wouldn’t get on a plane. Waking up seeing forests, lakes and mountains was priceless. 

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