All The Small Things…

If you’re feeling a bit blue today this may be the post for you. To inspire you to focus on the good in your life. Every now and again I like to spring these posts on you. That way you may go away feeling pretty good (hopefully)

So today I thought I would focus on the small things in life that make me happy. I believe I did a post like this before (maybe, maybe not). But quite often it’s good to do a recap on what makes you happy no matter how small it is.

Feeling happy is:

  • Finally getting that job done that you have been putting off for weeks.
  • Tidying your room.
  • Having a perfectly organised desk/wardrobe/food cupboard. It may not last long but for now, I am content.
  • Finding an extra fiver in your purse – time for that coffee you’ve deserved.
  • Having the first sip of Coca Cola after a hot, long walk.
  • Stepping on a crunchy leaf (cliche?)
  • Doing a good deed.
  • Seeing another happy human being.
  • Having your cat to welcome you when you get home.
  • A shower after a gruelling and sweaty run.
  • When your winged eyeliner is perfection.
  • When your hair requires little work as it fell into place today.
  • Doing something fun and spontaneous.
  • Snuggling into bed with a cuppa and watching your favourite TV show.
  • Getting the really sweet bit of popcorn.
  • No longer having that wedgie…
  • Taking your heels off.
  • Coming off a rollercoaster you said you would never go on.

What would be on your list of things that make you happy?

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