How To Style a Cold Shoulder Top

About LFTN

Hello and welcome to LFTN! 

My name is Laura, I’m twenty-six and I live in East Sussex with my husband (Paul) and our two German Shepherds Pharaoh and Chaplin!

I’m a vegetarian (except for the odd cod and chips) and coffee addict. I have various loves and interests. They mostly consist of travel, Marilyn Monroe, movies (new and old) as well as music, Tom Hardy and pizza. I also enjoy writing, design, and photography.

This blog is my little bubble where I share my thoughts, feelings, and experiences! I also write the occasional tips and advice post on a range of subjects.

I founded this site in 2014, just before I went travelling.  Please don’t be mistaken by my free-thinking and peace-loving ways, it’s not been all roses. With a hard past under my belt, I know just what it takes to make life count.

I have an opinion, I have views. I like to share them. That’s what this blog is all about I guess!


In a world of fear-mongering and terrible choices, we all feel a little bit out of our depths. Here you don’t need to worry about that. I am here to tell you it’s not all Trumps and deficits. It’s about getting out there and having adventures into the unknown. It’s about making a mark on the world. Leaving this place better than the state you found it in, even if it was just a small contribution. A small stone can eventually make the biggest waves.

This is why I focus on many different topics from beauty and fashion to entertainment and travel. It’s all part of life, and it’s all part of Living for the Now.

Overall, I’m all for enjoying life and making the most of every day that I am given. There’s a mixture of content here so everyone should find something they can relate to (well hopefully!).

You can read my guest posts on The Wonder Forest and Uniquely Women. I am also a writer for Kompetes Art.

You can check out all guest posts here.