A Home Is More Than A House

A Home Is More Than A House

A few weeks ago I gave you five ways to make your house a home. But it’s time to think bigger. Plants and photographs are all well and good, but we can go beyond the decor when it comes to our forever home!


Make Your House a Home

Your home doesn’t end at the back door.

If you have a garden, it’s time to make that a part of your home! Especially with the summer months coming along! So, why not consider log cabins from Cuckooland? These are great for spending long summers outdoors away from the main hub pf your home.

I use my summer house as a way of getting a change of scenery or away from social media. It’s a great way to relax and make use of your garden, no matter the weather! Some evenings Paul and I leave the dogs to sleep and we watch a movie, cuddled up in our summer house. It’s just nice having new walls to look at!

Another thing to ensure your garden is kept nice is ensuring your lawn is well maintained to keep it looking fresh. And why not create an outdoor dining area that you can use to socialise in with friends and family. 


This was my main point of my previous post. Your house will never feel much like a home if there are no personal touches and items that mark it out as your own and not someone else’s. Especially if you don’t have the time or money to completely renovate or decorate.

You don’t want your house to feel more like a showroom than a place where you and your family live your lives. It should feel homely, cosy and be entirely YOURS.

You can come up with designs that are completely unique to you and your loved ones. And you could also make sure that you make use of family photos and mementos. It will make the house a more homely 🙂



Creating areas in your home which are suitable for socialising will definitely make your house feel welcome. 

By having places where you and your pals can get together for a drink, have dinner and play games your home will improve massively.  I mean, you don’t want the house to be disjointed. That will cut you off from those you live with or those who are staying with you. Having open plan areas are the perfect way to bring everyone together. Or if that’s not an option, make your living room suitable for guests and family members to spend time together. 


Like most people you probably want to have a good time with your family in your home… As opposed to shouting to each other room to room.

You’ll want to do things that will be cemented as memories that everyone can look back on with fondness for years to come. That’s what family life is all about after all isn’t it? Even if it’s just you and one other person.  

By making the most of your house you are going to feel like it much more of a social space for you and your family and loved ones to interact and each each others company. Memories are created within your home and the way it is laid out and designed is a huge factor.           

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