50 Top Blog Tips

50 Tips for Your Blog

A while back I did a post with my top 20 blog tips, but I thought I would up the numbers a bit and share my top 50 tips with you. These are some quick thoughts I have on what may help you with blogging. These points work well with me and take away the pressure a bit and may make life a little bit easier! You can also download some blog resources over on my freebies page!


  1. Take your own photos, where possible!
  2. Schedule posts.
  3. Use Pinterest to promote your posts.
  4. Don’t put pressure on yourself.
  5. Write when you have inspiration and take breaks when you don’t have any.
  6. Save some posts to schedule in your drafts for days with no inspiration.
  7. Use large, high quality and bright photos.
  8. Use social media to promote current and older posts.
  9. Create a media kit to show what you can offer brands. You can download one of two PSD versions here.
  10. Use Yoast SEO to help improve readability and SEO.
  11. Proofread your work.
  12. Create content that interests you.
  13. Be inspired by other people’s content but don’t copy!
  14. Fix broken links.
  15. Have a contact page.
  16. Regularly update your About Me page.
  17. Update out of date blog posts regularly.
  18. Put your blog URL on your social media pages.
  19. Categorise your posts.
  20. Share your personality within your posts.
  21. Write down all of your ideas for content so you don’t forget.
  22. Never blog for others, only yourself.
  23. Don’t crowd your posts with too many images, text is important too.
  24. Alt text images for SEO and Pinterest.
  25. Keep your blog layout simple and not too crowded.
  26. Create useful and interesting content as well as posts that entertain.
  27. Be honest, don’t worry about being positive all the time!
  28. Deep link posts by linking older post within newer ones.
  29. Take part in blogger chats on Twitter.
  30. Write posts within Word and save in case something goes wrong!
  31. If the blogger chats aren’t for you, just get talking to others on Twitter.
  32. Only accept opportunities that will fit in with your content.
  33. Don’t buy followers. Cleanse the bots on Twitter!
  34. No matter how small your following, do not work on collaborations for free.
  35. Have a blog design that is easy to navigate around. Here’s why it’s so important!
  36. Have your social media buttons on your blog sidebar or top menu.
  37. Try to avoid pre-written content, even if sponsored. Here’s why.
  38. Include a YOU MAY ALSO LIKE widget so that readers can be directed to similar content.
  39. Back up your blog every couple of weeks.
  40. Don’t blog for freebies or money. But if you want it, here’s how.
  41. Make your blog unique!
  42. Don’t feel that your appearance makes you an inferior blogger. Looks aren’t everything!
  43. Try not to be afraid to share your opinions on social media!
  44. But be careful about what you write. Don’t be a dick!
  45. Attempt to break blogging boundaries! Mix things up a bit.
  46. Avoid these 10 Blogging Mistakes.
  47. Go back to your posts later once you’ve written them.
  48. Use headers within the post to help break up the text. You don’t want your readers going cross-eyed after all!
  49. Ensure your images aren’t too big as this can slow the loading of your page down!
  50. Always include a disclaimer page and ensure you mention when a post is a collaboration.
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