50 Things You Should Appreciate More

50 Things You Should Appreciate More

It’s time to stop and smell the roses (or coffee, depending on your choice of smell!). Do you appreciate all of the little things:

  1. Getting to the loo to find that it’s free!
  2. Taking a gulp of water when you’re really thirsty.
  3. Waking up next to the one you love.
  4. Getting a bit of attention from strange cats.
  5. The smell of coffee in the morning.
  6. Getting the last available table in a busy restaurant.
  7. Finding out the clothes you’re busy are in the sale.
  8. Taking that first bite of chocolate after not having any in AGGGES because you’ve been trying to be good.
  9. Clean bed sheets that smell AMAZING.
  10. Hearing the doorbell when expecting a delivery (pizza or shoes, not fussed!)
  11. Laughing so much that you cry.
  12. Hearing music so beautiful that you get goosebumps.
  13. Getting into a hot bath after a long day.
  14. PJ DAY!
  15. Pay day.
  16. Finishing wrapping gifts and they all look awesome.
  17. Getting over 12 likes on Instagram.
  18. Hearing your favourite song on the radio.
  19. Remembering the name of that actor who you recognise.
  20. Snapping the perfect picture.
  21. Getting a smile back.
  22. Free samples… Of food preferably.
  23. Breaking a sweat during a workout.
  24. Holding hands for the first time. And second. And nine hundredth.
  25. Someone telling you that you look nice today.
  26. Finding £5 in your purse – coffee time!
  27. Discovering that the blog post you thought you lost, autosaved.
  28. Yankee candles. All of the scents please.
  29. A cup of tea in bed watching Netflix.
  30. Coming up with 40 blog post ideas after a month of procrastination.
  31. Waking up at the weekend without a hangover.
  32. Warm, buttery toast.
  33. Snow days which mean snowball fights, pub lunches and Disney movies.
  34. Star gazing.
  35. When Starbucks employees continue to use your name without reading the cup.
  36. Random hugs.
  37. Finding a song or movie quote which sums up your whole life.
  38. When your best friend comes to you for advice.
  39. Being offered the last (INSERT FOOD HERE)
  40. Fairy lights.
  41. Being able to tell someone the directions they are asking for.
  42. Finding out your train is on time.
  43. Finishing that book you’ve been reading for a year.
  44. Not seeing any spoilers to your favourite TV show or upcoming film.
  45. Sunny days sat in the garden listening to your favourite band.
  46. Sitting indoors and listening to the rain.
  47. Getting along with someone you just met.
  48. Perfect winged eyeliner… That doesn’t smudge as soon as the wind blows.
  49. Arriving to your meeting 15 minutes early. And it’s near a Starbucks (I like coffee okay?!)
  50. You’re you. You’re alive. You have people who love you and  care about you. You’re beautiful and you’re special.


  • Perfect light for photos
  • Watching baking videos
  • Hearing the Harry Potter theme tune and freaking out like a big kid
  • Knowing all the words to a rap song
  • Being told that the item you’re wanting has sold out… And then they find one.

I’d like to know 10 little things you appreciate! Pop them below in the comments!

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    Brilliant list & super clever!

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