5 Things To Stop At Work

You know, writing these titles to say what you should and don’t do can be pretty… Dictating? But I promise you, what I’m doing is guiding you through some stuff which I can relate to and have personally experienced. So! Today I am going to share five things I recommend you should ideally stop doing whilst in the office.


Had a fight at home? Coming into the office in a bad mood can affect others as emotions are contagious. It can bring the overall morale down. I’ve had days when I’ve woken up in a foul mood or had been feeling down regarding something personal… I then go into work and EVERYONE can tell I’m feeling crap. It’s not good for morale and isn’t very professional to be snappy, silent or grumpy in front of your colleagues.


I admit, I’ve done this a few times BUT that was with my mother-in-law. Haha! It’s not professional and can make work life difficult, as well as incredibly awkward. Whenever you feel the need to talk back, take five.


Trying to do too much at once can throw you off track and make prioritising pretty darn tricky. Doing one thing at a time is much more effective as you are able to focus and get a job done efficiently. I have made errors trying to do a lot in one go as opposed to writing down what I need to do and going down the list one by one. I’ve found that I have to go back and fix errors because of trying to multi task, which takes up more time.

Jan Bruce, co-author of MeQuilibrium – 14 Days to a Cooler, Calmer and Happier You says, “Multitasking isn’t like tennis or learning French; you don’t get better the more you do it.” Bruce says, “Your brain isn’t designed to focus on more than one thing at a time, and an attempt to do so results in splintered focus. Multitasking doesn’t give you or me a leg up on anything.”


You can say ‘no’ at work. If you’re being asked to do a job you don’t feel you are able to take on, either due to time constraints or because you’re not right for that task, then say so. Explain why and your colleague should understand.


Some offices are relaxed and are okay with the occasional text but to use social media during work hours can be distracting and causes errors in your work. As with multitasking too much your mind can be on too many things, causing mistakes. It can also look as if you have nothing to do. Nothing to do means not working and not working means that job doesn’t need to exist.

I hope you will take at least one of these five tips away from today’s post and make you rethink what you should and shouldn’t be doing at work!

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