5 Mood Boosting Foods

Ever eat or drink something and then pretty soon you’re feeling happier? Well, there are certain foods that naturally increase moods with the chemicals that are released from within them. I’ve been hunting the internet to search for five mood boosting foods that you should add to your diet to get those juices flowing.


Dark chocolate is better for you than it’s milky alternative and more likely to increase your mood. We all know that when we have some chocolate we feel comfort and happiness. That is because the cocoa inside chocolate (with a higher cocoa level) contains a mood-regulating chemical called phenylethylamine aka the love drug.

According to amanochocolate.com there are over three hundred natural chemicals in chocolate some of which release of particular neurotransmitters. Neurotransmitters  send signals back and forth between neurons, some of which are responsible for your emotions. Eating chocolate releases several neurotransmitters that have positive effects on human emotions. There’s now no need to feel guilty about eating a couple of squares of (dark) chocolate a day!


Back to the neurontransmitters. Asparagus is one of the top vegetables that release tryptophan. Tryptophan is the creator of serotonin, one of the brain’s primary mood-regulating neurotransmitters. Rodalesorganiclife.com says that this vegetable contains high levels of folat acids. Folat acids are lower in 50% of those who suffer depression. As with tryptophan, it’s a important for creating neurotransmitters and therefore a huge part of increasing mood levels.


Not my favourite option, but for sea food lovers there is a happy food for you! Clams contain the B12 vitamin which is found to be lower in those who suffer depression. Prevention.com says that depressed people who had lower levels of B12 (and were taking antidepressants) felt better 3 months after adding a B12 supplement.


Nurses’ Health Study found that women who had two to three cups of coffee a day were approximately 15% less likely to become depressed. Those who drank four or more cups were 20% less likely (although I wouldn’t suggest drinking too much of it as it can increase anxiety and heart rate). The caffeine in coffee increases the neurontransmitters dopamine and serotonin within thirty minutes.


Pomegranate juice is full of compounds called phytochemicals. These phytochemicals are what stimulates the serotonin receptors (remember, we were introduced to it with asparagus?) that boosts mood levels and lowers depression.

Pomegranates not only help with making you happier but also assist in lowering cholesterol and reducing anxiety.

Whenever you’re next feeling low, why not consider adding these five foods to your diet?

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