5 Easy Ways to a Cleaner Home

If you work and look after children, have pets or live with multiple people you can often find it difficult to keep on top of everything at home. Kids and animals alike equal mess. However there are some little things you can do that will keep your home tidy and organised, helping keep it looking lovely for longer. When I moved into my home, I was obsessed with keeping it clean and not smelling like dog



With dogs or kids around it doesn’t take long before toys clutter floors and surfaces.  Keep on top of the mess by having plenty of storage solutions handy such as toy boxes and cupboards and encourage the household to put everything in its right place after they have used it.  I keep all of the dog treats in a small box on the side as well as poo bags. In the cupboard, I have all of their leads, cleaning and grooming items and towels. This way the day to day stuff that I need more regularly is easy to get to and the less urgent items are stored. 

By clearing away every day your home will feel instantly more organised. If the amount of stuff becomes unmanageable be ruthless and learn to throw things out, give them away to charity or even sell them to make more room in your tidy home.


If you don’t keep on top of the post then important letters may end up getting lost or simply fill up your worktops making it look very untidy.  The trick to keeping on top of your paperwork is to deal with your post as it comes in daily. Recycle anything that isn’t important and employ a good filing system for important post such as bills and bank statements so that they are always on hand. There are some excellent letter organisers available online that look good as well as help you to keep on track.


Even if you don’t have the time to clean your whole house every day you can make it look as though you have just by keeping your worktops and surfaces sparkling. The kitchen is one area in particular that can be instantly transformed by a wipe down of the counter tops. I wipe down my kitchen daily to ensure it is clean, tidy and grime free!

Also, it’s handy to keep your dishwasher busy by filling it up as you go and popping it on before bed every night. You can even cheat your way to a cleaner looking kitchen by choosing dark, patterns worktops that don’t show up every mark and stainless steel sinks which reflect the light and make everything look shiny and clean without much effort.


Don’t wait for collection day to deal with your rubbish.  Put the recycling away every day and your rubbish in the outside bin every night and you will keep your home smelling fresh as well as removing unsightly bin bags. It’s also good to take larger rubbish items to the tip to ensure your garden doesn’t become cluttered. It also means come collection day you are not rushing out the door to fill your bin as the lorry turns up outside.


Once you have cleared the clutter, washed the surfaces and taken out the rubbish you will reveal clear floors ready for a quick brush up to get them looking in tip top condition.  At the end of the day sweep all of the day’s stuff into a nice neat pile, switch the light off and go to sleep ready to wake up to a cleaner, more organised home.

Cleaning doesn’t have to be a chore. The more you do it, the less work there is to do. I clean daily, but I only do one big clean once a week. This means the skirting boards, during frames, getting rid of cobwebs etc. Once you get the main bulk of work out of the way, the rest of the cleaning is kept on top of. 


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