Reasons to love autumn

35 Reasons We Should Love Autumn

Pretty much every blogger (not all, but most) loves autumn. Why? Because autumn feels good. It’s good for the soul. To me, it’s more refreshing than spring because it’s a selfish time of year. And I mean that in the sense that you do more for yourself to keep both warm and comfortable as well as cosy and snug!


  1. It’s the perfect time for scented candles – My favourite are Yankee. You can easily tell if a place sells them if you can smell them at the door. And that’s while they’re unlit!
  2. Cosy knitted jumpers, scarves and hats – They’re snug and come in cute designs.
  3. The smell of bonfires.
  4. Orange, brown and red leaves –  It’s like the world automatically takes on another colour palette.
  5. The cold air on your skin.
  6. Hot chocolate – Ohhh, especially with (vegetarian) marshmallows!
  7. Cuddling up in bed with a cup of tea and a good book.
  8. The smell of cinnamon. It can take a cup of coffee from ten to one thousand in a matter of seconds.
  9. Onesies – This adorable and cuddly loungewear was just designed to be fun. Why deny yourself that comfort for ‘classiness’ when you’re just chilling at home?
  10. Lush Halloween bath bombs.
  11. Which you then put into a warm bath –Your limbs are icy and stiff from a long walk around the city and then you sink down into a warm and beautifully scented bath. You can just feel the warmth seep through each muscle as your blue skin turns pink!
  12. Fluffy socks.
  13. Layering clothes – And more layers means more opportunities to experiment with styles!
  14. Not being sweaty – As long as you don’t go overboard with layers obviously!
  15. Clear, crisp blue skies.
  16. Listening to the rain – But only when you’re inside. Or the type to sing in the rain.
  17. Golden skies during sun rise and sun set.
  18. Pumpkin spice lattes – This is a given.
  19. Warm, chunky vegetable soups.
  20. Crunchy leaves –You know it’s autumn and you can jump on some crunchy leaves.
  21. An extra hour in bed.
  22. Apple crumble with cinnamon.
  23. The countdown to Christmas has begun – Who already started counting this year? I think I started the minute it became September.
  24. No thigh chaff from denim shorts!
  25. Not looking crazy by having fairy lights up – If I had it my way, I would have them up all year ’round!
  26. It’s not too cold yet. Most of the time.
  27. It’s the perfect excuse to have a night in.
  28. Snuggling into your coat.
  29. Wearing cute boots – The type with faux fur on the tops and little toggles? They look great with any outfit.
  30. Coming into the warm from the outdoors.
  31. Log fires in gastro pubs.
  32. No need to shave your legs every day! – Shh, that’s our little secret.
  33. It means fab TV shows are on –Great British Bake Off and The Apprentice are a couple of my faves! Oh and The Walking Dead is back!
  34. Pumpkin carving!
  35. Movie nights, every night.

Those were just a few of my favourite things about autumn! Can you pick out your favourites? Or did I miss anything you would’ve added? Oh and don’t forget to check out my Autumn pin board!

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