What I Believe

25 Things I Believe

I believe in a lot of things. Socially, scientifically and historically. Today I thought I would give you a little insight to my thoughts and feelings on such topics.

I believe:

  1. In science. I don’t have much faith or superstitions. I don’t believe in ghosts or any sort of afterlife. I’m very much a believer of fact.
  2. Marilyn Monroe died because she had been prescribed too much medication (see more here). I don’t think she was murdered.
  3. In the freedom of speech for all. It doesn’t matter what you believe, I think everyone should have the right to speak their mind.
  4. That there is some good in all of us. It’s all a matter of perspective.
  5. There is a difference between being healthy and size. Just because someone is slim doesn’t mean they are healthy. Exercise and a good diet are what controls that.
  6. Love is love.
  7. That you should treat yourself more to the things that you enjoy but with balance and control.
  8. In equal rights for women. Women are just as significant as men and should be treated as such.
  9. That no race or religion is superior or evil. Only bad people are bad.
  10. People are incredibly cynical whenever a good deed is done.  For example, just because J.K. Rowling didn’t send flowers to the victims of everyone who died in the Orlando nightclub attack doesn’t mean she’s a bad person. She sent flowers to someone who had a direct connection with her. Why do people feel they have the right to complain and judge her?
  11. You are in control of your own destiny.
  12. Mental illness cannot be controlled and it should be recognised and treated fairly.
  13. Murdering someone, Muslim or not, mental illness or not is wrong. If it fits the definition of terrorism then they are a terrorist.
  14. We live in a world where rape culture exists. If she doesn’t say yes or shows signs of wanting to engage in sexual activity, back off.
  15. Children are byproducts of their parent’s actions and parents should be more aware of how their actions affect their child’s future and well-being. Even if I believe in point nine wholeheartedly, nurturing helps a lot too.
  16. No one should tell women that they should or shouldn’t be having children.
  17. That there is more than us in this Universe. I mean… There cannot be just one planet with life on it!
  18. No one deserves to die by the hand of someone else. No other person should be able to choose whether someone else lives or not.
  19. Time is a healer. It helps to have time to yourself to grow and develop to move on from issues.
  20. We should look after our environment as much as possible. It may be a pain to sort out your recycling and sound like hippy BS but it’s important to factor in the future generations of this planet and the extinction of animals.
  21. The media is a contradicting, manipulative, scaremongering tool. I don’t watch the news as everyone has an objective of their own.
  22. Animals have feelings and can sense emotion. I don’t see how you can love one animal and not another.
  23. Those who say they won’t wear leather but will eat steak are slightly contradicting, although I do get that meat eaters feel that meat is essential to a diet and leather boots aren’t.
  24. That everyone deserves the right to a better life and opportunities whether it’s economic or for safety.
  25. My beliefs aren’t all that matter. There is still so much to learn and ideologies can change based on education, research and time. We as individuals aren’t always correct. But I do think we need to be more human, to care about one another and keep each other safe with love and forgiveness. An ideal world perhaps but it won’t get better if we don’t aim for the ideal.
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