15 REAL Things You Should Know Before Dating a Girl Who Blogs

15 REAL Things You Should Know Before Dating a Girl Who Blogs

Did you see THAT Cosmopolitan article? Well, there was a little bit of an uproar about it over on Twitter. And although I personally wasn’t offended I can understand that there were many who were. So, let’s get some things straight…


1. I will take you somewhere just because it’s Instagrammable.
Look, I want to take photos of pretty coffee on a nice table, somewhere where there is good lighting. Is that too much to ask? 🙂

2. I have a new outfit… And you are going to have to photograph it. Sorry…
Outfit posts aren’t the staple to every blog, but who doesn’t like to see a pretty dress every now and again?

3. I’ll be on Twitter. A lot.
They say communication is key, well that goes for blogging and online social lives too!

4. I’ll get excited by the smallest freebie.
I don’t do it for free stuff but when I do get something I can use or something I am passionate about expect me to be excited over it!

5. You may have to wait for your food for a little bit.
In the world of blogging, photographing food is somewhat a routine. I won’t be long but don’t touch your food just yet.

6. I’ll be talking to my phone camera every now and again. So please shhh…
I’m practising vlogging via Snapchat. And doing the occasional video filter thingy (that’s what the eyebrow-raising is all about, I’m not crazy, I swear.)

7. I’m nervous about meeting other bloggers.
I hate the idea of being seen as a “hanger-on” so if I’m about to meet another blogger, expect me to be jittery.

8. We buy things that you just won’t understand.
Props for photographs are important. We need the candles, flowers and magazines. You’ll see when I post it on Instagram 🙂

9. We don’t make money for every post or receive freebies daily. No matter what you read.
Blogging isn’t a full-time job for all of us so don’t think we make a tonne of money.

10. You may turn around and I’ll be half a mile away photographing my shoes.
There is a perfect pile of leaves and my shoes look good in them. Just keep walking, I’ll chase you a bit later.

11. I have a drawer full of wallpaper samples.
Don’t ask.

12. I’ll be on my PC until all hours of the night.
I’m on a blogging roll. Yes, it’s 3am but I’m on post 36.

13. We care more about beauty and fashion than before we started blogging.
This is no bad thing. We try lots of new things and look good doing it!

14. I can’t go out tonight. It’s Blogger Chat night!
Not all, but a lot of us, love Blogger Chats and we take them seriously so if we are out for dinner and I’m on my phone, it’s what I’m probably doing.

15. My readers will know you by name.
Search the name Paul and it’s probably everywhere on this blog. It becomes habit to drop the name of the other half every now and again.  

But hey, maybe it’s just me? But I personally feel a post about bloggers, should be written by a blogger. Maybe next time, eh Cosmo? 🙂

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  • Reply Rosie January 28, 2016 at 12:22 pm

    I think this is WAAAAY better than that Cosmo article, and it’s definitely more accurate. I think I do all of those things, apart from the wall paper samples one.

  • Reply Briony July 7, 2016 at 10:04 pm

    Literally just got back from a night out where I may or may not have stopped the other half eating his cupcake until I’d taken a picture

    • Reply Laura July 10, 2016 at 10:00 am

      it’s the world we live in now and I’m happy in it haha xxx Thanks for stopping by Briony!

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