12 Days of Christmas

12 Days of Christmas

This is a wonderful time of year for bloggers because we are able to create lots of different content types for you: gift guides; product reviews and even giveaways. But today I’m going to do something a little different. I’m showing twelve Christmas activities you can do with friends and family as well as post ideas for you bloggers! In addition, I’m going to link you to 12 recipes I think you should try over the Christmas period (I won’t be doing them myself as I can’t cook or bake but I can dream!)


Christmassy activities are what can really get your friends and family in the holiday spirit! Here are twelve things to do this December:

  1. Watch a Christmas movie – here are some suggestions,
  2. Write out (or even create your own) Christmas cards,
  3. Create a personal gift,
  4. Make gingerbread men or his house,
  5. Decorate your tree – here are some ideas,
  6. Create a Christmas present wish list,
  7. Plan your Christmas dinner,
  8. Visit a Christmas market,
  9. Take a young family member or your own kids to meet Santa,
  10. Go out for an early Christmas meal with friends and family at a local pub,
  11. Arrange a Secret Santa at work,
  12. Create your own Christmassy scents.


Want to make your blog full of holiday spirit? I’ve come up with some post ideas for you!

  1. Gift guides (e.g. mothers, fathers, for him, for her, kids etc.),
  2. Christmas recipes,
  3. Favourite Christmas songs or films,
  4. Reasons why you love Christmas,
  5. Christmas present wish lists,
  6. Best Christmas markets,
  7. Christmas activities to do in your closest city (e.g. seeing Christmas lights, parades, pantomimes),
  8. Christmas advice (e.g. cooking dinner for ten, Christmas on a budget etc.),
  9. Secret Santa gifts under £15,
  10. How to host a Christmas party,
  11. Christmas wrapping ideas,
  12. Christmas bucket list.


Another thing about this time of year for me are the smells… Cinnamon, apples, fires. So, here are links to twelve wonderful looking (and smelling) recipes I think you should give a go. I so wish I could do them… If you do decide to make any of these, tag me on Instagram with your photos! Make me proud!

  1. Spiced Chocolate Cake,
  2. Ginger biscuits,
  3. Hazelnut Cinnamon Rolls (yes please),
  4. Vegan Mushroom Rolls,
  5. Pecan Caramel Candies,
  6. Yule Log,
  7. Chocolate Orange Christmas Cake,
  8. Chocolate Eggnog Floats,
  9. Mulled Wine (I love the smell but I don’t drink!),
  10. Spiced Chocolate Stars,
  11. Christmas Puddini Bonbons,
  12. Chilli Pepper Chutney.

There we go then! Can’t say you’re bored over the Christmas period now, can you? 

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