100 Things That Make Me Happy

What makes you happy? Focussing on the small and big things in your past, present and future is there anything that puts a smile on your face? Today I’m looking at 100 things that make me happy. Visit my Freebies page for a worksheet as well as many other goodies!

Here are 100 things that make me happy:

  1. Coffee (first and foremost)
  2. Mcfly
  3. Jeffrey Dean Morgan
  4. Not being able to put a good book down
  5. Scuba the cat
  6. Impractical Jokers
  7. Perfect winged eyeliner
  8. Salt AND sweet popcorn
  9. Breaking a sweat at the gym
  10. Sunshine on a cold day
  11. Taking a good photo
  12. Going to the cinema
  13. Bubble baths
  14. LUSH products
  15. Disney movies, songs… Disney in general
  16. Changing of the seasons
  17. Cinnamon – the smell, the taste…mmmm
  18. Marilyn Monroe movies
  19. Wearing big t-shirts after having a shower
  20. Memories of travelling (especially LA and New York)
  21. Lazy Sundays
  22. Treating someone
  23. Making someone laugh
  24. Christmas
  25. Finding size 5.5 shoes
  26. Getting through airport security with no scary people looking through my stuff
  27. Clean bedsheets
  28. Getting somewhere on time
  29. When I’m able to turn down junk food
  30. Friday nights in
  31. Listening to the rain
  32. Getting a seat on the train
  33. Good hair days
  34. Arriving at my holiday destination
  35. Fitting into clothes that didn’t fit before
  36. Hearing birds sing
  37. Snuggly socks
  38. Watching baking videos
  39. Pretty dresses
  40. Sunsets
  41. Newly discovered Marilyn Monroe photographs
  42. Avocado and eggs on toast (#blogger)
  43. Going to museums
  44. Getting flight upgrades
  45. Painted nails
  46. Soap & Glory products
  47. Good lipsticks
  48. When cats clean their little face
  49. Harry Potter movies (especially (Prisoner of Azkaban)
  50. Catching up with TV shows
  51. Window shopping for homeware
  52. When my Instagram is looking amazing
  53. Yankee Candles
  54. Pusheen (I like cats)
  55. Naps
  56. Payday
  57. Stationery shops
  58. Taking a decent selfie
  59. Watching hamsters eat
  60. Having my hair played with
  61. Fairy lights and candles
  62. Anything Alice in Wonderland related
  63. Blogger mail (or just mail in general)
  64. Proving someone wrong
  65. Crossing off my to-do list
  66. Hearing waves
  67. The smell of cut grass
  68. Getting work done before the deadline
  69. Receiving genuine compliments
  70. Cheese
  71. Hearing talented singers
  72. Going to London for the day
  73. Fluffy doggies
  74. Alice in Wonderland
  75. Getting tickets for a show I’m desperate to attend
  76. Buying expensive make up
  77. Musicals
  78. Receiving comments on my blog (thank you guys!)
  79. Seeing people who deserve success grow
  80. Rick Grimes head tilt (shit’s gonna go down)
  81. Gingerbread
  82. A cup of tea in bed
  83. Los Angeles – sunshine and palm trees
  84. Taking off my bra (you know it makes you happy too girls!)
  85. Getting new followers (seriously it means a lot to me that people care!)
  86. Knowing that I’ve made a difference to someone
  87. Game of Thrones
  88. Roast potatoes
  89. Booking a holiday
  90. Talking to a friend I haven’t seen in a while
  91. Cutting out bad influences
  92. Scheduling lots of blog posts
  93. Daryl Dixon on a motorbike 
  94. Being productive
  95. New York City – Central Park, Starbucks and skyscrapers
  96. Paul (awww)
  97. Seated concerts (I’m too short for standing)
  98. Despicable Me movies
  99. Finding something I lost a while back
  100. Being happy, alive and well…

What makes you happy? 

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  • Reply Sarirah April 17, 2016 at 11:34 am

    I love this! Exactly the kind of thing I needed to read this weekend. I’m going to try and write something like this out later. I used to write three things in my planner at the end of every day but recently I just stopped doing it. Hope you have a lovely Sunday! 🙂

    • Reply Laura April 17, 2016 at 1:37 pm

      Have a great Sunday too lovely! xx

  • Reply Sara April 18, 2016 at 2:18 pm

    Oh how I love these kinds of posts! 🙂 It’s always loveöy to read what other people are happy about & these lists make me think about what I’m happy about as well. Have a wonderful week full of happiness x

    Sara / AboutLittleThiings

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