10 Things You Should Know If You’re Going To Las Vegas

I’ve been to Vegas twice – the first was for my 21st and the second was as a stop over before heading to LA. I personally love it but it’s a Marmite situation as some really don’t like it and find it tacky.

Rather than doing a guide, I thought I would offer some tips and info on Sin City for those who have never been there but are planning to go!

  1. Vegas isn’t just about gambling, booze and goin’ wild! – There is so much more to Las Vegas than parting. Although if you’re going to go anywhere to get a bit crazy, Vegas would be the place to do it. There are a huge range of shows such as LOVE (which I recommend if you love Cirque or the Beatles) and concerts. There are also trips to the Grand Canyon, great shopping opportunities and even an Adventuredome.
  2. Time doesn’t exist – Casinos have no windows and no clocks so if you want to keep track of time, bring a watch. It’s no surprise that at 5am when you’re having breakfast that some others are ordering dinner!
  3. You have to be 21 – You will notice throughout the casinos that there are no kids. And the reason for that is because those under the legal age of drinking and gambling are not allowed in certain areas of hotels. Be sure to check with your hotel whether and where under 21s can go. Here is some great advice on going to Vegas with kids.
  4. The Bellagio fountain has show times – If you want to see the spectacular that is the Bellagio Fountain be sure to head there at the times shown on their website.
  5. Don’t flash your cash or possessions- People tend to go to Vegas to get some money so be sure other gamblers aren’t going to grab yours when you don’t expect it. Keep your money and valuables safe.
  6.  Drink lots of water and wear sunscreen – You’re in the desert so temperatures and increase rapidly and if you’re hanging out by the pool you don’t want to get burnt or have sunstroke.
  7. Get last minute tickets – If you fancy seeing a show or a concert, pop by the venue and see if they have tickets a day or two before as they may be able to give you a discount.
  8. Don’t take lots of photos around the gambling tables – Be aware that security in hotels and casinos is pretty tight and you don’t want to get caught out if they think you’re trying to cheat.
  9. Bring comfortable shoes or get a cab – On a map Vegas looks walkable but in reality it can take 20 minutes to get from your room and out of the hotel.
  10. Remember, it’s Vegas – Expect loudness, drunkenness, posters offering escorts and scantily clad females roaming the Strip. It’s Vegas baby! Choose a (beautiful, clean, wonderful) hotel like Caesar’s Palace and you will be very comfortable and shouldn’t have any trouble with other guests.

Do you guys have any tips for those heading to Vegas anytime soon?

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  • Reply Ali October 25, 2015 at 12:43 pm

    This is one of my Bucket List destinations and I have yet to talk to anyone who has been to Las Vegas and not had a good time!

    P.S. – in the Freebies section under Carry On Checklist, you forgot toothbrush and paste, a pashmina (or two) and a hard shell case for eye/sunglasses.

    • Reply Laura October 25, 2015 at 12:49 pm

      I do love Vegas!

      As for the toothbrush and toothpaste I’d say it depends on the length of your flight. Some airlines in long haul flights provide a toothbrush and tooth paste in a flight kit 🙂 as for sunglasses case I never thought that because my sunglasses are already in one haha!

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