10 Steps To Increase Daily Happiness

The morning is the part of the day that will set up my mood. Is that the same for you?

Well, to stop you from waking up and getting grumpy, here are some tips on increasing the chances of a good day:

  1. Take your time – Set your alarm  earlier so you can take your time to get out of bed and start your day.
  2. Drink some water – Get hydrated to avoid early morning headaches.
  3. Put on the radio – The radio plays happy songs in the morning so this will get into your subconscious – no Black Sabbath before 9am.
  4. Work out- Even if it’s simply doing some crunches, squats, press ups and then stretching you are increasing your heart rate and endorphins making you feel and, in time, look better.
  5. Make a cuppa – Whether you’re a tea or a coffee kinda person having a warm drink whilst checking up on your Springfield (Simpsons Tapped Out anyone? ) is a hug in a mug.
  6. Wash off bad vibes – Have a good long shower, scrubbing off any negative thoughts you may have had when you first woke up. Come out feeling fresh and smelling amazing.
  7. Look good, feel good – If you’ve been organised you will have your outfit for the day laid out ready for you. Wear something that will make you look good and feel confident.
  8.  War paint – Take time to do your skin routine, put on your make up and do your hair. Running out of the house and doing it all on the way to the office isn’t fun!
  9. Most importantly – Have a proper breakfast: a glass of mixed berry and banana smoothie, a bowl of cereal (not full of sugar) and another tea or coffee. This will give you the energy to get through the rush hour and the dreaded morning jobs.
  10. Positive thoughts – As soon as you start thinking about how it’s “only Wednesday” or that you have a deadline to meet, change those thoughts. It may only be Wednesday but at least it’s not Monday. Yes, you have a deadline but if you reach it and do well with it, you will feel great once it’s complete.

All of these small things can really do wonders for your day and your state of mind. It takes some time getting used to a morning routine but you will start doing it naturally and feel good for it.

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